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When people envision challenge coins, they often conjure up images of traditional, round medallions.

Indeed, the vast majority of challenge coins are traditionally round in shape.

However, the unique allure of personalized coins lies in the freedom to select a shape that truly resonates with you.

Whether it’s a brand logo or a corporate emblem, any design can be expertly crafted into the distinctive form of a challenge coin.

Super Challenge Coins, your dedicated Challenge Coin Maker, is here to transform your creative visions into reality and if that means you need your coin to take on a particular shape, which can be done for you.

Shape Challenge Coin Gallery

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Shape Challenge Coin Pricing

5 25 50 100 150 200 250 300 Mold Fee
1.5" $15.5 $9.18 $5.56 $3.48 $3.43 $3.21 $3.17 $2.94 $90
1.75" $15.5 $10.13 $6.10 $3.95 $3.90 $3.77 $3.73 $3.39 $115
2" $16.5 $10.58 $6.38 $4.31 $4.26 $4.13 $4.09 $3.85 $140
2.25" $16.5 $12.08 $7.25 $4.87 $4.80 $4.71 $4.66 $4.34 $165
2.5" $17.5 $14.81 $8.86 $5.66 $5.62 $5.46 $5.41 $5.17 $190

Custom Challenge Coin Plating Options

Custom coin plating is a process of applying a layer of metal coating onto a coin or medal to enhance its appearance, durability, and value. This technique involves electroplating a thin layer of gold, silver, copper, or other precious metals onto the surface of the coin to create a unique design and color. 

Shiny Gold
Shiny Silver
Shiny Copper
Antique Gold
Antique Silver
Antique Copper-Plating
Antique Copper
Antique Brass
Matte Gold
Dual Plating

Custom Challenge Coin Process

Custom coin coloring is a process of adding color to a coin or medal to create a unique and personalized design. This technique involves using special paints, enamels, or inks to add color to specific areas of the coin, such as the text, image, or border. The coloring process involves several steps, including applying a base coat, adding the desired colors, and finishing with a protective layer. The result is a vibrant and eye-catching coin that is both attractive and valuable.


Die-Struck Coin
Enamel Coin
printing Coin
3D coin
Curve Coin
Commemorative Coin
Glow In Dark Coin
Glow In Dark Coin
Glitter Coin

Custom Challenge Coin Edge Options

The custom coin edge refers to the raised or recessed outer edge of a coin that surrounds the main design. This area is often used to add text, numbers, or other decorative elements that enhance the overall appearance of the coin. Custom coin edges can be plain, reeded, or decorated with various patterns or designs. They can also include a smooth or serrated texture or be shaped in a unique way to match the theme or purpose of the coin.

Standard Edge

Standard Edge

Rope Edge

Rope Edge

Chain Edge

Chain Edge

Reeded Edge

Reeded Edge

Engraving Edge

Engraving Edge

Spur Edge

Spur Edge

Bevel Edge

Bevel Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Diamond Edge

Diamond Edge

Packaging Options

Presentation options refer to the various ways in which custom coins, medals, and other commemorative items can be displayed or packaged. These options can include custom packaging such as velvet boxes, wooden or acrylic displays, or custom inserts to hold the item in place. Presentation options can also include accessories such as lanyards, keychains, or lapel pins that complement the design of the coin or medal.

PVC Pouch

PVC Pouch

Round plastic case

Round Plastic Case

Velvet Case

Velvet Case


Black Plastic Holder

Rectangular plastic case

Rectangular plastic case


Wooden Holder

Custom Pantone Colors


Since different monitors and screens show colors in different ways, we use Pantone colors to show colors. These are industry standards that don’t change depending on the screen.

The classic style of custom challenge coins gives them a formal look that works for any event or occasion. Add color to your design, especially for corporate coins, if you want it to stand out even more. We don’t charge extra for up to five different colors.

Not sure what color you want exactly? Just name a professional or college sports team or a Fortune 500 company that uses a color you like, and we can look up the Pantone color for you.

Create Your Own Challenge Coin Shape

Super Challenge Coins, the premier Challenge Coin Maker, has brought to life thousands of military coins, corporate challenge coins, and an array of unique custom coins. Many individuals choose to infuse their personal touch by incorporating distinct and thought-provoking designs into their coins, and we’re delighted to be their trusted partner in this creative journey.

Our Super Challenge Coins team has played an integral role in crafting military challenge coins with distinctive shapes, each bearing the unit insignia of service branches. These coins epitomize the unique attributes that set these brave soldiers apart, whether it be courage, integrity, or unwavering dedication to their comrades in arms, especially in times of conflict.

Challenge coins serve as an exceptional means to honor both team members and clients alike. They symbolize achievements and offer reassurance through personalized symbols that hold profound significance for the recipients. The beauty of custom challenge coins lies in the ability to fully personalize the imagery on both sides, resulting in designs that are not just enjoyable but entirely unique.

Some of our clients seek to elevate their coin designs with intricate 3D artwork, particularly to accentuate complex coin shapes. For such projects, our Cut to Shape coins prove ideal, offering exceptional depth and detail in these distinctive designs.

Custom challenge coins can take the form of both 2D and 3D creations. This flexibility allows for the inclusion of fine elements like raised lettering or numbers, catering to those looking to infuse a touch of sophistication into their collections. Full-color plating with intricate schemes is also an option, ensuring your coins stand out in style.

If you wish to infuse your coins with personality, consider mixing various color styles on a single token, offering a truly unique and eye-catching appearance.

Custom Challenge Coin Bottle Openers, often featuring innovative designs, have gained popularity among our clients. These coins, frequently doubling as practical bottle openers, provide a simple way to infuse creativity into your designs while remaining highly functional. Do you want the bottle opener info in the shape section?

The multi-tool challenge coin, designed to offer more functionality than a simple bottle opener, takes personalization to the next level. Featuring socket wrench coins fashioned like screwdrivers, they offer a versatile solution for handling a variety of tasks, making them a fantastic addition to your toolkit. Do you want the multi-tool info in the shape section?

The cost of shaped coins can vary based on factors like order size, coin size, and any customizations to the coin’s design. Regardless, the final product is well worth the investment and anticipation.

At Super Challenge Coins, creativity is at the core of what we do. We encourage our clients to use our templates as a starting point, but if they don’t quite align with your vision, we’re more than happy to bring your sketches on napkins and bullet-pointed ideas to life. Your creativity knows no bounds, and we’re here to ensure your custom coins reflect your unique concepts and designs. Explore our challenge coin gallery for inspiration and let your creativity shine!

What does it mean to be gifted a challenge coin?

Being gifted a challenge coin is often seen as a sign of recognition and appreciation for one’s service or accomplishments within a particular organization or community. The giving of a challenge coin is often associated with the military, but it is also common in other groups such as law enforcement, firefighting, and other public service organizations.

The specific meaning of being gifted a challenge coin can vary depending on the organization or group involved. In some cases, it may simply be a token of appreciation or a way to commemorate a particular event or achievement. In other cases, it may be a way of showing respect or solidarity among members of a particular organization.

Are you supposed to buy challenge coins?

In some cases, challenge coins may be available for purchase as merchandise or souvenirs, but it is important to note that these coins may not hold the same significance or meaning as coins earned or given within a specific organization.

Whether or not you should buy a challenge coin depends on your personal reasons for wanting one and the cultural norms of the organization or group for which the coin represents.

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