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Challenge coins are small, usually round coins that often feature an emblem, logo, or insignia and are typically carried by members of a particular organization or group. They are often used to signify membership, achievement, or to commemorate a special event or occasion.

Super Challenge Coins offers a variety of challenge coins for different organizations, such as the military, law enforcement, and emergency services, as well as custom designs for businesses, clubs, and individuals. Also, the famous brands have cooperated for more than ten years, such as STAR WARS, DC, WB, Walmart, MacDonald and Disney. We provides detailed information about each coin, including its design, size, material, and pricing. Customers can also upload their own designs and request a custom free quote.

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United States Army USA 3rd Infantry Regiment The Old Guard Honor Guard Challenge Coin-2

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Congratulations Graduate Christian Coin, Graduation Pass Along Token of Rejoicing, for High School
Graduation Challenge Coins
United States Army USA 3rd Infantry Regiment The Old Guard Honor Guard Challenge Coin
Honor Guard Challenge Coins
Virginia Beach Police K9 team Challenge Coin
K9 Police Challenge Coins
Marine Corps Iwo Jima USMC Challenge Coin with Actual Sands of Iwo Jima
Marine Corps Challenge Coins
AtSKnSK 1 OZ Masonic Coins Gold Plated Freemason Challenge Coin
Masonic Challenge Coins
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NASA Collectible Coin
NASA Challenge Coins
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Marine Corps Iwo Jima USMC Challenge Coin with Actual Sands of Iwo Jima
USMC Challenge Coins
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Cool Challenge Coins
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IBEW Challenge Coin
EL3-020 Old School Prison Jail Guard Challenge Coin Correctional Officer CO California Department of Corrections CDC Thin Gray line Gladiator Police
Corrections Challenge Coins
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Secret Service Challenge Coin
symbol arts challenge coins6
Symbol Arts Challenge Coins
trump challenge coin 6
Trump Challenge Coin
armor of god challenge coin 8
Armor of God Challenge Coin
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DEA Challenge Coins
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Dumpster Fire Challenge Coin
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Poker Chip Challenge Coins
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Rare Challenge Coins
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CBP Challenge Coins
Dispatcher Challenge Coin 6
Dispatcher Challenge Coins
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NSA Challenge Coins
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ATF Challenge Coins
Original Dispensary Container Challenge Coin 2
Original Dispensary Container Challenge Coins
Wooden Challenge Coins 5
Wooden Challenge Coins
Space Force Challenge Coin 4
Space Force Challenge Coins
ST Michael Challenge Coin 3
ST Michael Challenge Coins
Special Forces Challenge Coin 4
Special Forces Challenge Coins
82nd Airborne Challenge Coin 3
82nd Airborne Challenge Coins
Challenge Coins: Fostering a Sense of Belonging and Achievement
tradition challenge coins

Dating back to World War I, challenge coins were used as proof of membership in a particular squad or regiment, with every member expected to carry their coin at all times. 

Today, the rich history behind these coins has made them a popular choice for schools, police and fire departments, and other organizations looking to create a sense of belonging among their members. 

While still serving as a tangible symbol of group membership, challenge coins are now utilized in a variety of other ways as well. They can be awarded to recognize special achievements, encourage continued improvement, or commemorate significant events.

Modern challenge coins are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and can include details such as event names and dates, mottos, and meaningful symbols. They offer design flexibility, with the option to choose single- or double-sided coins with color on one or both sides.”


  • Challenge coins can be completely personalized according to your precise requirements, which may include:
  • Tailored color matching to guarantee that your school, unit, or team colors are accurately represented. 
  • Flexible shapes, such as logos, mascots, or other symbols, can be effortlessly reproduced. 
  • A wide range of available styles allows you to achieve the appearance and texture that is a perfect fit for your group or occasion. 
  • Outstanding detailing ensures that your military regiment’s slogan is legible and its emblem is instantly recognizable.

Common Challenge Coin Questions


A challenge coin is usually a metal coin or medallion with the symbol, emblem, or logo of an organization on it. Members of the organization carry the coin. Challenge coins were used by the military in the past, and service members would show them off to show that they were part of an exclusive group and to boost the morale of their military units.

In the past, commanders of military units gave challenge coins to members who had done something special for the unit. People have also been known to trade and exchange them during trips to international organizations, bases, and service tours. Service members, both active and retired, as well as police officers have been collecting these coins for a long time.

Modern challenge coins come in different sizes and often have references to pop culture, like superheroes or parodies of well-known people. Today, many companies use them to boost team morale, connect people with similar interests, and even promote their brand. Today’s challenge coin designs push the limits of what a challenge coin can be and what it can be used for. One thing is for sure: personalized coins make the bond between the people who give and receive them even stronger.



Challenge coins are often used as a tangible token or symbol to signify affiliation with a group, unit, or team.

Anyone who receives a challenge coin also receives a lifelong personal recognition. Challenge coins are a good way to remember the time and experience it took to overcome significant challenges or the tremendous effort and sacrifice required to attain a goal since they are unique and long-lasting. These memento coins serve as a permanent memory of the accomplishments.

Challenge coins may also serve as a memento to mark an important occasion or anniversary. Here you may see a selection of our commemorative coins.

Challenge coins have also been used by some of our bravest first responder agencies in the past. Challenge coins have been used to recognize courage, acts of heroism, and department camaraderie for firefighters, EMTs, and police enforcement personnel.

Today, a lot of veteran-owned or veteran-founded firms are starting to employ the challenge coin tradition to help symbolize their corporate successes. The traditionalists have voiced some criticism of this contemporary method of giving challenge coins. Since Signature Coins has been manufacturing challenge coins for more than 20 years, we have seen an increase in the number of businesses giving out personalized challenge coins to clients, employees, and volunteers. They use them to boost company morale, connect individuals with shared interests, and even advertise their brands or charitable organizations.


A3: Generally speaking, you gift a challenge coin to someone to recognize their excellent behavior or dedication.

The military still uses challenge coins extensively today, much like a “Thank you Plus” or “Great Job Plus.” In the military, not every deed merits a commendable medal or certificate. When someone deserves more than a simple thank you, a challenge coin fills the void.

as a pretty basic military illustration. You’re on a three-day field operation. During a particularly grueling couple of hours of it, one of your men or girls bursts their butt. a great attitude, made an effort, and was excellent all around. Even while it wouldn’t “quite” be “award worthy,” it deserved “recognition” if you attempted to write it up.

Now, even if you are not a veteran or active service member, you can still honor and acknowledge someone with a personalized challenge coin.

Challenge coins may be given to staff as a reward for finishing a specific project or for making significant company-wide achievements. The coin’s design may reflect an accomplishment, an individual employee, or the objectives of the business. According to studies, when workers are commended for a job well done, they are more likely to be loyal to their employers, feel more happy with their job performance, and strive for greater objectives.


A4: Giving someone a challenge coin at the appropriate time and location might be difficult.

There are many methods to approach this accolade in military tradition. One of them was “The Secret Handshake,” in which the president, department heads, or commanding commanders would shake a soldier’s hand and “slip” them the penny. Transferring the currency shouldn’t be too dramatic or evident; rather, it should be done with a modest wink and nod. This accolade should be less formal and more personal to the persons receiving it. Another military custom is to distribute them in front of a formation or at a meeting, but it’s a little more noticeable; often, it’s done one-on-one.

As challenge coins are used by more people and companies, giving them has become more formal and inclusive. Most organizations will do so during a team meeting when presenting a challenge coin to an employee or team member. Some companies have even included their yearly and quarterly ceremonies into their employee award recognition programs. A wonderful approach to demonstrate to the rest of the team that you too can be “recognized” if the effort is there is to present awards to your staff in front of other team members.

Many high end service providers, including attorneys, accountants, and commercial developers, are now dispensing their custom coins as a method of advertising themselves or their company products. Today’s marketers have discovered that customized challenge coins also make excellent business cards.



Although creating challenge coins is a lot of fun, there are many considerations to make beforehand. Fortunately, we’ve made bespoke coins for many years, and we’re pleased to assist you at every stage.

You can find all the information you want regarding challenge coin design in our how-to guide.

Blog: How To Design A Challenge Coin?


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Don’t be afraid to ask any of our reps for help if you’re not sure which plating style will work best with your design ideas. Since we’ve been in this business for a long time, our reps have seen almost every possible combination of design and plating. The plating you choose for your challenge coins is one of the most important design choices you can make, and we’re happy to help.


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