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America's Challenge Coin Collections

Challenge coins, also known as military coins or unit coins, have a rich history in America, dating back to World War I. These coins have evolved from simple tokens of identification to highly sought-after collectibles that hold great value and meaning.

The concept of challenge coins originated within the military, where soldiers from different units would carry a small coin bearing their unit’s emblem as a symbol of pride and camaraderie. These coins were also used in friendly challenges, where one soldier would “challenge” another to produce his coin. If the challenged soldier was unable to present his coin, he would have to buy the challenger a drink. This tradition has carried on to modern times, with challenge coins being exchanged among members of the military and other organizations as a way to show respect and honor.

Over the years, challenge coins have become popular among collectors, who appreciate their unique designs, historical significance, and the stories behind each coin. These coins are not only found in the military; law enforcement agencies, fire departments, government agencies, and even corporate companies have their own custom challenge coins.

One of the main thrills of collecting challenge coins is the hunt for rare and unique pieces. Each coin has its own story and purpose, making it a one-of-a-kind treasure for collectors.

Challenge Coins
Engraved Coin
Engraved Challenge Coins
Military Challenge Coins
2 Naval Special Warfare Unit Two Little Creek Navy Seals SWCC Challenge Coin
Winter Warfare Challenge Coins
fraternity coin
Fraternity Challenge Coins
Wedding Coins-3
Wedding Challenge Coins
Firefighter Challenge Coins
3D Challenge Coins
Bottle Opener Challenge Coins
1976 Never Forget 911 Challenge Coin
911 Challenge Coins
KANGHE 2021 US Statue of Liberty Commemorative Coin
Commemorative Challenge Coins
Police Officer Badge Challenge Coin
Police Challenge Coins
Air Forces Medal Challenge Coin-1
Air Force Challenge Coins
EMS Paramedic's Prayer Coin-1
Alcoholics Anonymous Coins
United States Army Fort Benning Home of The Infantry Challenge Coin-2
Army Challenge Challenge Coins
United States Army USA 3rd Infantry Regiment The Old Guard Honor Guard Challenge Coin-2

Army Infantry Challenge Coins

United States Army Ranger Light Fighters School 10th Mountain Division Fort Drum Air Assault Challenge Coin-2
Army Ranger Challenge Coins
PINMEI Golf Ball Marker Golf Poker Chips Gifts Sets-3
Ball Marker Challenge Coins
1st Ranger Battalion Challenge Coin
Battalion Challenge Coins
GL11-003 Border Patrol Challenge Coin CBP BPA
Border Patrol Challenge Coins
Ceramic Coins-2
Ceramic Challenge Coins
commanders coin 5
Commanders Challenge Coins
Guardian Angel Christian Challenge Coin, Pass Along Token of Assurance and Peace, Handout for Sunday School or Kids Church
Christian Challenge Coins
Central Intelligence Agency HUMINT Clandestine Paramilitary CIA Challenge Coin
CIA challenge coins
Club Challenge Coins
United States Coast Guard HH-6 Helicopter Challenge Coin
Coast Guard Challenge Coins
Coin Spinners
Challenge Coin Spinners
Star Wars Challenge Coins 7
Star Wars Challenge Coins
Corporate Challenge Coins
CPO Challenge Coins
Santa Merry Christmas Challenge Coin Gold-Plated Lucky Coin
Christmas Challenge Coins
Law Enforcement Challenge Coins
Dual Plated Coins
Dual Plated Challenge Coins
Eagle Scout Challenge Coins
Emergency Medical Services EMS Challenge Coin-1
EMS challenge coins
Event Challenge Coins
FBI Challenge Coin Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI Challenge Coins
festival coins
Festival Challenge Coins
Umpire & Referee Flipping Coins
Flipping Challenge Coins
Funny Challenge Coin in Antique Silver EDC Holiday Gift
Funny Challenge Coins
Geocaching Challenge Coins
Army Intelligence and Security Command INSCOM Government Colorized Challenge Art Coin
Government Challenge Coins
Congratulations Graduate Christian Coin, Graduation Pass Along Token of Rejoicing, for High School
Graduation Challenge Coins
United States Army USA 3rd Infantry Regiment The Old Guard Honor Guard Challenge Coin
Honor Guard Challenge Coins
Virginia Beach Police K9 team Challenge Coin
K9 Police Challenge Coins
Marine Corps Iwo Jima USMC Challenge Coin with Actual Sands of Iwo Jima
Marine Corps Challenge Coins
AtSKnSK 1 OZ Masonic Coins Gold Plated Freemason Challenge Coin
Masonic Challenge Coins
Motorcycle Challenge Coins
NASA Collectible Coin
NASA Challenge Coins
Navy Colored Novelty Belt Buckle removebg preview
Navy Challenge Coins
Navy Seal Challenge Coin
Navy Seal Challenge Coins
NYPD Challenge Coins-2
NYPD Challenge Coins
Presidential ChallengeCoin Changed OverTheYears
Presidential Challenge Coins
Printed Challenge Coins
Safety Challenge Coins
Christian School Coin for Students
School Academy Challenge Coins
custom to Shape Challenge Coin-2
Shape Challenge Coins
Sheriff Challenge Coins
Sniper Challenge Coin with Crosshairs
Snipe Challenge Coins
Funny challenge coin Custom Sword Souvenir Challenge Coin-05
Souvenir Challenge Coins
sport coin-1
Sports Challenge Coins
SWAT Team Police Challenge Coin Police Military
SWAT Challenge Coins
texas coin-1
Texas Challenge Coins
TSA Badge Coin
Tsa Challenge Coins
Unique Challenge Coins
University Montgomery Alabama Challenge Coin
University Challenge Coins
thank you coins 7
Thank You Challenge Coins
Video game challenge coins-1
Video Game Challenge Coins
Washington DC Visit Challenge Coin-1
Washington D.C. Challenge Coins
Challenge Coins Keychain-02
Challenge Coins Keychain
Veterans Coins 6
Veteran Challenge Coins
Navy Ship Coins6
Navy Ship Challenge Coins
Hawaiian coins8
Hawaiian Challenge Coins
Airman's Coin11
Airman's Challenge Coins
football challenge coins15
Football Challenge Coins
uscg challenge coins8
USCG Challenge Coins
Marine Corps Iwo Jima USMC Challenge Coin with Actual Sands of Iwo Jima
USMC Challenge Coins
cool challenge coins8
Cool Challenge Coins
ibew challenge coin2
IBEW Challenge Coin
EL3-020 Old School Prison Jail Guard Challenge Coin Correctional Officer CO California Department of Corrections CDC Thin Gray line Gladiator Police
Corrections Challenge Coins
secret service challenge coin5
Secret Service Challenge Coin
symbol arts challenge coins6
Symbol Arts Challenge Coins
trump challenge coin 6
Trump Challenge Coin
armor of god challenge coin 8
Armor of God Challenge Coin
dea challenge coin 3
DEA Challenge Coins
dumpster fire challenge coin 6
Dumpster Fire Challenge Coin
poker chip challenge coins 8
Poker Chip Challenge Coins
rare challenge coins 5
Rare Challenge Coins
CBP Challenge Coins 1
CBP Challenge Coins
Dispatcher Challenge Coin 6
Dispatcher Challenge Coins
nsa challenge coin 5
NSA Challenge Coins
atf challenge coin 6
ATF Challenge Coins
Original Dispensary Container Challenge Coin 2
Original Dispensary Container Challenge Coins
Wooden Challenge Coins 5
Wooden Challenge Coins
Space Force Challenge Coin 4
Space Force Challenge Coins
ST Michael Challenge Coin 3
ST Michael Challenge Coins
Special Forces Challenge Coin 4
Special Forces Challenge Coins
82nd Airborne Challenge Coin 3
82nd Airborne Challenge Coins

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