Safety Challenge Coins

Safety Challenge Coins have become a symbol of recognition and appreciation for those who prioritize and uphold safety standards in various industries. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these coins serve as a testament to the commitment of individuals and organizations to create secure work environments. 

As a specialized Challenge Coin Maker, we take pride in designing and producing Safety Challenge Coins that not only commemorate safety achievements but also inspire a culture of vigilance and responsibility in the workplace.

Safety Challenge Coins Pricing

5 25 50 100 150 200 250 300 Mold Fee
1.5" $15.5 $9.18 $5.56 $3.48 $3.43 $3.21 $3.17 $2.94 $90
1.75" $15.5 $10.13 $6.10 $3.95 $3.90 $3.77 $3.73 $3.39 $115
2" $16.5 $10.58 $6.38 $4.31 $4.26 $4.13 $4.09 $3.85 $140
2.25" $16.5 $12.08 $7.25 $4.87 $4.80 $4.71 $4.66 $4.34 $165
2.5" $17.5 $14.81 $8.86 $5.66 $5.62 $5.46 $5.41 $5.17 $190

Custom Challenge Coin Plating Options

Custom coin plating is a process of applying a layer of metal coating onto a coin or medal to enhance its appearance, durability, and value. This technique involves electroplating a thin layer of gold, silver, copper, or other precious metals onto the surface of the coin to create a unique design and color. 

Shiny Gold
Shiny Silver
Shiny Copper
Antique Gold
Antique Silver
Antique Copper-Plating
Antique Copper
Antique Brass
Matt Gold
Dual Plating

Custom Challenge Coin Process

Custom coin coloring is a process of adding color to a coin or medal to create a unique and personalized design. This technique involves using special paints, enamels, or inks to add color to specific areas of the coin, such as the text, image, or border. The coloring process involves several steps, including applying a base coat, adding the desired colors, and finishing with a protective layer. The result is a vibrant and eye-catching coin that is both attractive and valuable.


Die-Struck Coin
Enamel Coin
printing Coin
3D coin
Curve Coin
Commemorative Coin
Glow In Dark Coin
Glow In Dark Coin
Glitter Coin

Custom Challenge Coin Edge Options

Custom coin edge refers to the raised or recessed outer edge of a coin that surrounds the main design. This area is often used to add text, numbers, or other decorative elements that enhance the overall appearance of the coin. Custom coin edges can be plain, reeded, or decorated with various patterns or designs. They can also include a smooth or serrated texture, or be shaped in a unique way to match the theme or purpose of the coin.

Standard Edge

Standard Edge

Rope Edge

Rope Edge

Chain Edge

Chain Edge

Reeded Edge

Reeded Edge

Engraving Edge

Engraving Edge

Spur Edge

Spur Edge

Bevel Edge

Bevel Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Diamond Edge

Diamond Edge

Packaging Options

Presentation options refer to the various ways in which custom coins, medals, and other commemorative items can be displayed or packaged. These options can include custom packaging such as velvet boxes, wooden or acrylic displays, or custom inserts to hold the item in place. Presentation options can also include accessories such as lanyards, keychains, or lapel pins that complement the design of the coin or medal.

PVC Pouch

PVC Pouch

Round plastic case

Round Plastic Case

Velvet Case

Velvet Case


Black Plastic Holder

Rectangular plastic case

Rectangular plastic case


Wooden Holder

Custom Pantone Colors


Since different monitors and screens show colors in different ways, we use Pantone colors to show colors. These are industry standards that don’t change depending on the screen.

The classic style of custom challenge coins gives them a formal look that works for any event or occasion. Add color to your design, especially for corporate coins, if you want it to stand out even more. We don’t charge extra for up to five different colors.

Not sure what color you want exactly? Just name a professional or college sports team or a Fortune 500 company that uses a color you like, and we can look up the Pantone color for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A1: Challenge coins are small metal coins or medallions that often have a design or emblem on one or both sides. They are typically given to members of a particular organization or group to commemorate an event or achievement and may also serve as a symbol of membership or camaraderie.

A2: The origins of custom challenge coins are somewhat disputed, but they are believed to have originated in the military. The tradition of carrying a challenge coin as a symbol of affiliation and camaraderie dates back at least to World War I.

A3: Custom challenge coins are often used to recognize and reward members of an organization or group for their service or achievements. They may also serve as a way to build camaraderie and team spirit.

A4: Custom challenge coins are typically given to members of a particular organization or group, such as military units, law enforcement agencies, or fire departments. They may also be given to members of a corporate team or other professional group.

A5: In the military, custom challenge coins may be given to recognize a soldier’s service, as a token of appreciation, or as a way to build morale and camaraderie within a unit. They may also be used in informal challenges or games, where the person who does not have their coin on them must buy a round of drinks.

A6: Yes, anyone can design and manufacture a challenge coin. However, custom challenge coins are most commonly created for specific organizations or groups and are often customized with the organization’s emblem or logo.

A7: Custom challenge coins can be made from a variety of materials, including brass, copper, nickel, zinc, and even precious metals like gold or silver. They may also be coated with a protective finish to prevent tarnishing or damage.


Although creating challenge coins is a lot of fun, there are many considerations to make beforehand. Fortunately, we’ve made bespoke coins for many years, and we’re pleased to assist you at every stage.

You can find all the information you want regarding custom challenge coin design in our how-to guide.

Blog: How To Design A Challenge Coin?

A9: While challenge coins are often given as a gift or token of appreciation, they may also be sold or traded among collectors. Some rare or highly sought-after custom challenge coins can be quite valuable to collectors. However, it is important to note that the resale of challenge coins may be restricted by the organization or group that issued them.

A10: No, while custom challenge coins are most commonly associated with the military, they are also used in other organizations and groups, such as law enforcement agencies, fire departments, corporate teams, and even social clubs.

Coin for Safety Challenge Making A Challenge Coin Custom

Custom challenge coins, including police challenge coins, have emerged as powerful incentives, promoting safety and minimizing unnecessary risks in various workplaces. These tokens not only drive healthy competition but also serve as a tangible testament to employees’ commitment to safety, fostering a desire to increase their collection of these coveted coins. 

The pursuit of a secure workplace is a universal aspiration, shared by employees and job seekers alike. This collective emphasis on safety often guides individuals toward careers with stringent health and safety requirements, while dissuading them from occupations lacking such protection. 

Businesses that prioritize employee safety, and employ initiatives like custom challenge coins, attract top-tier talent. The assurance that skills are directed toward goals, rather than lost in inefficiency or injury, makes these organizations highly attractive to prospective employees. 

Empirical evidence shows that companies implementing safety coin incentives enjoy increased efficiency, reduced accidents, heightened productivity, and enhanced workplace awareness. Employers of all sizes can harness the power of safety challenge coins to engage their staff, ultimately saving lives in the process. 

Our expertise extends to creating custom challenge coins for a wide range of industries, from Coca-Cola bottlers and Marathon refineries to construction companies. These coins find versatile applications, serving as rewards during special events, training seminars, or daily incentives for employees demonstrating safe practices. 

Designing a secure incentive currency for your business begins with conceptualization. Consider how your logo can be incorporated into the design and whether it aligns with promotions or themed events. Each customization option offers unique ways to personalize your security reward coin, be it worn as a neck or lapel accessory or presented as a gift. Explore a plethora of design ideas on our website, encompassing animal motifs, military insignia, and more. 

Choice of metal plating is a crucial decision when crafting bespoke challenge coins. We recommend offering multiple finishes to accommodate various budgets and tastes, ensuring your safety coin program reaches its full potential. 

Size and shape are equally important considerations in coin creation. While the standard challenge coin measures 1.75 inches in diameter, corporate coins of 2.5 to 3 inches have gained popularity. For a truly unique touch, explore the option of custom shapes or coins with built-in bottle openers, which make meaningful gifts for any occasion. 

Color plays a significant role in coin design, and we adhere to Pantone hues to maintain brand consistency. If your company has specific brand colors, please inform us, and we’ll ensure that our designs align with your style guide.

As Employee Tokens, Safety Challenge Coins

A productive workplace thrives on security, and most prudent business proprietors implement sound workplace safety regulations to safeguard both their workforce and clientele. 

While these safety measures effectively reduce work-related mishaps, it’s imperative to instill a culture that places a premium on safety and duly acknowledges staff members adhering to the organization’s safety protocols. Enter the realm of personalized safety challenge coins. 

Staff members who exemplify safety best practices receive the ultimate recognition through safety challenge coins. These coins serve as the perfect incentive, motivating employees to remain vigilant about their personal safety at work. They act as a perpetual reminder that the company holds their well-being in the highest regard and highly values their commitment. 

But why employ safety challenge coins when there are existing rules and regulations to ensure safety? For further insights into the significance of safety incentive coins for your company, read on. 

Elevating Safety Awareness: Safety challenge coins are a potent tool for sustaining a culture of safety awareness among employees. Businesses encouraging their staff to keep their safety challenge coins close while making decisions have reported that their workforce consistently opts for safer choices. 

Promoting Healthy Competition: Safety challenge coins incentivize employees to steer clear of unwarranted risks, much like any other incentive. The quest to accumulate more coins fosters healthy competition among the staff, creating a win-win situation for the organization. 

Enhancing Brand Reputation: A secure work environment is a universal aspiration, and for those without employment, it’s the ultimate goal. Joining an organization that prioritizes employee safety is typically a winning ticket. 

Organizations with a stellar track record of safeguarding their staff attract the cream of the crop. This reputation entices the finest candidates to seek employment, ensuring that the company hires the best of the best. 

Amplifying Efficiency: Observations reveal that companies implementing the safety coin incentive report heightened efficiency. Fewer accidents translate to more work accomplished, and the heightened awareness of workplace safety acts as a catalyst for productivity. 

The advantages of custom safety challenge coins extend to everyone involved. When crafting your own, the possibilities are abundant, enabling you to create a safety challenge coin tailored specifically for your workplace. Step into the world of the challenge coins gallery today and experience the transformative power of safety recognition.

Is it ok to buy challenge coins?

It is generally okay to buy challenge coins. While challenge coins are often presented as tokens of recognition or appreciation, they are also frequently sold as collectibles or memorabilia. In fact, many manufacturer create custom police challenge coins specifically for sale to collectors or supporters.

It is important to note that the meaning and significance of a challenge coin can vary depending on the organization that issued it and the circumstances in which it was given. If you are purchasing a challenge coin as a collectible or souvenir, it is important to be respectful of the organization or group that the coin represents and to understand the significance of the coin.

What do you do when you get a challenge coin?

Traditionally, receiving a challenge coin is considered an honor and a sign of respect in many organizations, particularly in the military. If you receive a challenge coin, it is customary to carry it with you at all times, as a symbol of pride and belonging to the organization that awarded it to you.

Some people display them in a collection, while others keep them in a special place as a personal memento. Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is to appreciate the significance of the coin and the recognition that it represents.

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