SWAT Challenge Coins

As for SWAT Challenge Coins, due to the difficulties in developing and executing operational plans to cope with riots and urban obstructions, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) squads were called in. 

These incidents often include a shooter who is armed, putting the lives of swat team members at danger. 

Only a select few people are courageous and resilient enough to put up with the demands of training to join an elite team. 

Negotiable criminal and suicide prevention circumstances often present themselves to swat teams. 

They have worked to save individuals from harm throughout their lives.

SWAT Challenge Coins Pricing

5 25 50 100 150 200 250 300 Mold Fee
1.5" $15.5 $9.18 $5.56 $3.48 $3.43 $3.21 $3.17 $2.94 $90
1.75" $15.5 $10.13 $6.10 $3.95 $3.90 $3.77 $3.73 $3.39 $115
2" $16.5 $10.58 $6.38 $4.31 $4.26 $4.13 $4.09 $3.85 $140
2.25" $16.5 $12.08 $7.25 $4.87 $4.80 $4.71 $4.66 $4.34 $165
2.5" $17.5 $14.81 $8.86 $5.66 $5.62 $5.46 $5.41 $5.17 $190

Custom Challenge Coin Plating Options

Custom coin plating is a process of applying a layer of metal coating onto a coin or medal to enhance its appearance, durability, and value. This technique involves electroplating a thin layer of gold, silver, copper, or other precious metals onto the surface of the coin to create a unique design and color. 

Shiny Gold
Shiny Silver
Shiny Copper
Antique Gold
Antique Silver
Antique Copper-Plating
Antique Copper
Antique Brass
Matt Gold
Dual Plating

Custom Challenge Coin Process

Custom coin coloring is a process of adding color to a coin or medal to create a unique and personalized design. This technique involves using special paints, enamels, or inks to add color to specific areas of the coin, such as the text, image, or border. The coloring process involves several steps, including applying a base coat, adding the desired colors, and finishing with a protective layer. The result is a vibrant and eye-catching coin that is both attractive and valuable.


Die-Struck Coin
Enamel Coin
printing Coin
3D coin
Curve Coin
Commemorative Coin
Glow In Dark Coin
Glow In Dark Coin
Glitter Coin

Custom Challenge Coin Edge Options

Custom coin edge refers to the raised or recessed outer edge of a coin that surrounds the main design. This area is often used to add text, numbers, or other decorative elements that enhance the overall appearance of the coin. Custom coin edges can be plain, reeded, or decorated with various patterns or designs. They can also include a smooth or serrated texture, or be shaped in a unique way to match the theme or purpose of the coin.

Standard Edge

Standard Edge

Rope Edge

Rope Edge

Chain Edge

Chain Edge

Reeded Edge

Reeded Edge

Engraving Edge

Engraving Edge

Spur Edge

Spur Edge

Bevel Edge

Bevel Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Diamond Edge

Diamond Edge

Packaging Options

Presentation options refer to the various ways in which custom coins, medals, and other commemorative items can be displayed or packaged. These options can include custom packaging such as velvet boxes, wooden or acrylic displays, or custom inserts to hold the item in place. Presentation options can also include accessories such as lanyards, keychains, or lapel pins that complement the design of the coin or medal.

PVC Pouch

PVC Pouch

Round plastic case

Round Plastic Case

Velvet Case

Velvet Case


Black Plastic Holder

Rectangular plastic case

Rectangular plastic case


Wooden Holder

Custom Pantone Colors


Since different monitors and screens show colors in different ways, we use Pantone colors to show colors. These are industry standards that don’t change depending on the screen.

The classic style of custom challenge coins gives them a formal look that works for any event or occasion. Add color to your design, especially for corporate coins, if you want it to stand out even more. We don’t charge extra for up to five different colors.

Not sure what color you want exactly? Just name a professional or college sports team or a Fortune 500 company that uses a color you like, and we can look up the Pantone color for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A1: Challenge coins are small metal coins or medallions that often have a design or emblem on one or both sides. They are typically given to members of a particular organization or group to commemorate an event or achievement and may also serve as a symbol of membership or camaraderie.

A2: The origins of custom challenge coins are somewhat disputed, but they are believed to have originated in the military. The tradition of carrying a challenge coin as a symbol of affiliation and camaraderie dates back at least to World War I.

A3: Custom challenge coins are often used to recognize and reward members of an organization or group for their service or achievements. They may also serve as a way to build camaraderie and team spirit.

A4: Custom challenge coins are typically given to members of a particular organization or group, such as military units, law enforcement agencies, or fire departments. They may also be given to members of a corporate team or other professional group.

A5: In the military, custom challenge coins may be given to recognize a soldier’s service, as a token of appreciation, or as a way to build morale and camaraderie within a unit. They may also be used in informal challenges or games, where the person who does not have their coin on them must buy a round of drinks.

A6: Yes, anyone can design and manufacture a challenge coin. However, custom challenge coins are most commonly created for specific organizations or groups and are often customized with the organization’s emblem or logo.

A7: Custom challenge coins can be made from a variety of materials, including brass, copper, nickel, zinc, and even precious metals like gold or silver. They may also be coated with a protective finish to prevent tarnishing or damage.


Although creating challenge coins is a lot of fun, there are many considerations to make beforehand. Fortunately, we’ve made bespoke coins for many years, and we’re pleased to assist you at every stage.

You can find all the information you want regarding custom challenge coin design in our how-to guide.

Blog: How To Design A Challenge Coin?

A9: While challenge coins are often given as a gift or token of appreciation, they may also be sold or traded among collectors. Some rare or highly sought-after custom challenge coins can be quite valuable to collectors. However, it is important to note that the resale of challenge coins may be restricted by the organization or group that issued them.

A10: No, while custom challenge coins are most commonly associated with the military, they are also used in other organizations and groups, such as law enforcement agencies, fire departments, corporate teams, and even social clubs.

SWAT Officers Get Challenge Coins As Gifts.

Being a SWAT team member is not always simple. 

All applicants want to have some background in law enforcement-related fields so they can contribute more than just physical strength but also intelligence to missions; this means higher education for the majority of people who wish to join these elite ranks. 

You must start as a policer and apply from within your department after at least 2-3 years on duty.

They must demonstrate their physical fitness in order to apply for SWAT. In order to maintain their position at the top, they are put to the test every year. Please submit your application right now if you want to join the Law Enforcement Special Weapons and Tactics Team as an operator or sniper! Future police officers go through a tough training program that starts in boot camp. There, they learn about the proper use of firearms before being taught how to operate emergency equipment like hydrogen-fueled helicopters that can put out fires in surrounding buildings.

Additionally, psychological tests are administered to SWAT team members to assist identify their specific levels of proficiency for the essential qualities that each member must possess. They need to learn how to respond quickly under pressure with high stakes and to collaborate when necessary. They also need to be able to communicate effectively across all channels of command and control in order to carry out their tasks at the tactical level rather than only through strategic leadership, which is dependent on the scale and importance of the event. So, you know if that sounds like something someone would enjoy working on.

The main police force is the Special Weapons squad. They will stop at nothing to protect our nation—that is their goal! Before you can successfully complete the assignment, you must join this exclusive organization and through years of training. You may proudly wear the SWAT challenge coin on momentous events as it shows off your accomplishments while a member.

Swat teams are the first to react in armed situations when law enforcement personnel’ lives are under jeopardy. In order to prevent dramatic moments that cause collateral damage, they also assist in tackling suspects and ensure that they don’t have any weapons on them or nearby. When two citizens are harmed in a shooting and the police need to act fast to prevent more injuries, swat teams are called in.

During the historic assault on April 20, 1999, Jamie Smith of the Denver Police Department and his SWAT squad entered Columbine High School first. At the moment of the breakthrough, he said, he felt himself get agitated and fearful but took a minute to collect himself before deciding what to do in time.

Swat teams are highly trained police members known for their bravery in uncertain situations. They use police challenge coins to show their unique skills and readiness to handle risky tasks safely, which sets them apart from other officers.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that when you join a specific Weapons and Tactics squad, not only will your training be of the highest caliber, but your colleagues’ support will also be top-notch, according to Jamie Smith. Don’t allow any obstacles get closer than they need to be; have trust in yourself!

One must be above the level for law enforcement in order to join a special weapons and tactics unit. Since each member of these teams has a specific position that allows them to thrive at what they do best, it’s crucial to consider not just how many years of officer experience you have but also whether your background aligns with the necessary skill requirements!

Just a few of the important members of the SWAT squad include the following

●The captain
●Tactical Team Operator
●Crisis negotiator
●The researchers
●Ammunition specialist/Grenadier
●Armor maker
●Shield specialist

Code of Conduct and Values of the SWAT Team

Each team member must be aware of their position within the group. 

Even while it’s not always necessary—after all, each team may only have one coxswain or negotiator—it makes sense to allow the person in control go to hostage situations when lives are at stake if you’re in charge of overseeing all the equipment and making sure everyone has what they need.

Whatever the circumstance, the best challenge coin maker Super Challenge Coin can provide personalized SWAT Challenge coins to recognize each team member!

The Super ChallengeCoins team has been producing distinctive SWAT Challenge coins as well as personalized law enforcement challenge coins for several agencies around the nation for more than ten years. 

We specialize in offering completely customized challenge coins and provide free artwork creation and alteration along with 100% quality guarantee!

Since we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with law enforcement personnel all around the country, we know that personalized challenge coins are a wonderful way to recognize achievement. 

In challenging circumstances, they may also serve as emblems of bravery, and cops who risk their lives every day value them.

Is it ok to buy challenge coins?

It is generally okay to buy challenge coins. While challenge coins are often presented as tokens of recognition or appreciation, they are also frequently sold as collectibles or memorabilia. In fact, many manufacturer create custom challenge coins specifically for sale to collectors or supporters.

It is important to note that the meaning and significance of a challenge coin can vary depending on the organization that issued it and the circumstances in which it was given. If you are purchasing a challenge coin as a collectible or souvenir, it is important to be respectful of the organization or group that the coin represents and to understand the significance of the coin.

What do you do when you get a challenge coin?

Traditionally, receiving a challenge coin is considered an honor and a sign of respect in many organizations, particularly in the military. If you receive a challenge coin, it is customary to carry it with you at all times, as a symbol of pride and belonging to the organization that awarded it to you.

Some people display them in a collection, while others keep them in a special place as a personal memento. Whatever you choose to do, the important thing is to appreciate the significance of the coin and the recognition that it represents.

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