Custom Navy SEAL Challenge Coin

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US Navy Seal Team Sea, Land, Air Colorized Challenge Art Coin

Why Navy SEAL Challenge Coin?

US Navy Seals - Sea, Land, Air Military Colorized Challenge Art Coin

Navy SEAL Challenge Coin

Navy SEAL Custom Engraved Challenge Coin made for US Navy SEALs, UDT (Underwater Demolition Teams), and frogmen from all eras of the US Navy.

This cutting-edge USN challenge coin shows a Vision Strike Coins original frogman with a wetsuit, rebreather, deadly knife, and rifle standing on a submarine.

This beautiful coin has the words “United States Navy” and “Frogman” cut into the metal. This amazing Naval Special Warfare coin is finished with blue hand-painting and old gold and silver accents.

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Navy SEAL challenge coins recognize the physical strength, professional competence, and accuracy of every SEAL squad. SEALs proudly carry their coinage. They symbolize the years of adversity, agony, and training that form SEAL operators. Navy SEAL challenge coins are never given, only won.

Navy SEAL challenge coins serve as a constant reminder of the extraordinary accomplishments of SEAL candidates. Navy SEALs must complete a full year and a half of training, in addition to an extra year of team-specific training, before they are sent on their first mission.

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Your custom-made challenge coin may be engraved with up to 80 characters, including spaces, per your requirements.

As an industry leader in challenge coins, we are one of the few surviving organizations that create, manufacture, and transform original artwork into one-of-a-kind challenge coins for our clients.

The opportunity to add your own information distinguishes these very intricate challenge coins from all others.

Our Navy SEAL Custom Engraved Challenge Coin is licensed by the United States Navy and was created for current duty US Navy Sailors, veterans, previous service, and fans of the United States Navy. 100% made by US Veterans and crafted using Navy Crow’s military artwork.

At the request of the United States Navy, we have provided cutting-edge art and design for garments for over fourteen years.

US Navy Chief’s Messes and the Goat Lockers (CPOAs), First Class Petty Officer Associations (FCPOAs), Second Class Petty Officer Associations (SCPOAs), Junior Enlisted Associations (JEAs), and MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) leadership have all received challenge coins from us. Highly detailed and substantial USN coins distinguish our work and set us apart from other firms.

Our military art and coins are known across the United States Navy and beyond for their superior craftsmanship and exquisite design.

Experience the difference when you collect US Navy coins from Navy Crow and elevate the quality and design of your US Navy challenge coin collection to the next level. Please contact us at for any information about this endeavor.

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