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Are you ready to make your Masonic Coins? Don’t worry, and we will make it easy. You can submit your design or write out what you have in mind. Our talented designers will then take your submission and create vibrant, attention-grabbing custom challenge coins, from military to 3D coins. Don’t wait. Free quote now!

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Why Masonic Coins?

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Here we can customize your 13. Masonic Coins with your desired design, you can get custom Masonic Coins. Masonic Coins are made fine and inspired by your design, and our professionals can create gorgeous three-dimensional coins you love.

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We have made it our standard to create high quality. Our dedicated team of professional designers and coin experts is ready to help you. When corporate with us, you can count on receiving highly responsive customer service and exceptional attention to detail to ensure your challenge coins look precisely how you want them to. We specialize in creating custom challenge coins that attract rave reviews and create strong demand, all for what is considered a very comfortable price. Also, we have no minimum order. You can order as few or as many challenge coins as you need. So don’t wait, and start creating your custom challenge coins now.

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A1: Commemorative coins are coins made to remember a specific event or issue. They have a unique design that reflects the event or issue for which they were made. Many of these coins are only for collectors, but some countries also make commemorative coins that are used in everyday life.

A2: Challenge coins represent organizations, units, and teams. They can also mean an achievement, an anniversary, or a special event. They build close-knit, lasting bonds between people who receive them and represent unity.
So the represent organizations, units, and teams have a long-standing tradition in military history. But the military isn’t the only service that uses them. First responder services have an account for using challenge coins, too.
Civilian groups are starting to use challenge coins to represent accomplishments in their businesses. The challenge coins are a new way to express challenge coins. They are using them to build team morale, link people with similar interests, and even promote their brand.

A challenge coin is a small coin bearing an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried by the organization’s members. Traditionally, they might give to prove membership when asked and to enhance morale. Service members and law enforcement personnel also collect them.
Although decades have passed since the first challenge coin idea created, the reasons for offering these coins are the same. Challenge coins design for four main purposes:

1. Officially licensed challenge coins
2. New York City Police Department
3. Motorcycle Clubs
4. Science
5. Media, Business, and Education

The MOQ for each challenge coin order is 25 pcs, but if you order more, the unit price of your custom challenge coins reduce.
The standard turnaround time is 15-18 days. Shipping time 4-5 working days.

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