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Flipping Coins

Practice, competition, skill, and a little bit of luck are all necessary ingredients for sports success. Making sure your team has access to the right tools is another way to guarantee success. 

The flipping coin used to start a game of football is an item that is frequently disregarded. At the end of the day, nobody cares about that small cent. 

When the game is over, the owner of the personalized referee throw marker will be able to celebrate their own triumph by flipping it once for each goal scored or penalty converted. 

The customary coin toss by the referee was required to mark the occasion.

Flipping Coin Gallery
Umpire & Referee Flipping Coins
Football Flipping Coins
Flipping Informants Coin
Decision Making Flipping Coin
Decision Making Flipping Coin FUBAR Snafu Challenge Coin
YES NO Flipping Challenge Coin

Flipping Coins Pricing

5 25 50 100 150 200 250 300 Mold Fee
1.5" $15.5 $9.18 $5.56 $3.48 $3.43 $3.21 $3.17 $2.94 $90
1.75" $15.5 $10.13 $6.10 $3.95 $3.90 $3.77 $3.73 $3.39 $115
2" $16.5 $10.58 $6.38 $4.31 $4.26 $4.13 $4.09 $3.85 $140
2.25" $16.5 $12.08 $7.25 $4.87 $4.80 $4.71 $4.66 $4.34 $165
2.5" $17.5 $14.81 $8.86 $5.66 $5.62 $5.46 $5.41 $5.17 $190

Custom Challenge Coin Plating Options

Custom coin plating is a process of applying a layer of metal coating onto a coin or medal to enhance its appearance, durability, and value. This technique involves electroplating a thin layer of gold, silver, copper, or other precious metals onto the surface of the coin to create a unique design and color. 

Shiny Gold
Shiny Silver
Shiny Copper
Antique Gold
Antique Silver
Antique Copper-Plating
Antique Copper
Antique Brass
Matte Gold
Dual Plating

Custom Challenge Coin Process

Custom coin coloring is a process of adding color to a coin or medal to create a unique and personalized design. This technique involves using special paints, enamels, or inks to add color to specific areas of the coin, such as the text, image, or border. The coloring process involves several steps, including applying a base coat, adding the desired colors, and finishing with a protective layer. The result is a vibrant and eye-catching coin that is both attractive and valuable.


Die-Struck Coin
Enamel Coin
printing Coin
3D coin
Curve Coin
Commemorative Coin
Glow In Dark Coin
Glow In Dark Coin
Glitter Coin

Custom Challenge Coin Edge Options

The custom coin edge refers to the raised or recessed outer edge of a coin that surrounds the main design. This area is often used to add text, numbers, or other decorative elements that enhance the overall appearance of the coin. Custom coin edges can be plain, reeded, or decorated with various patterns or designs. They can also include a smooth or serrated texture or be shaped in a unique way to match the theme or purpose of the coin.

Standard Edge

Standard Edge

Rope Edge

Rope Edge

Chain Edge

Chain Edge

Reeded Edge

Reeded Edge

Engraving Edge

Engraving Edge

Spur Edge

Spur Edge

Bevel Edge

Bevel Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Diamond Edge

Diamond Edge

Packaging Options

Presentation options refer to the various ways in which custom coins, medals, and other commemorative items can be displayed or packaged. These options can include custom packaging such as velvet boxes, wooden or acrylic displays, or custom inserts to hold the item in place. Presentation options can also include accessories such as lanyards, keychains, or lapel pins that complement the design of the coin or medal.

PVC Pouch

PVC Pouch

Round plastic case

Round Plastic Case

Velvet Case

Velvet Case


Black Plastic Holder

Rectangular plastic case

Rectangular plastic case


Wooden Holder

Custom Pantone Colors


Since different monitors and screens show colors in different ways, we use Pantone colors to show colors. These are industry standards that don’t change depending on the screen.

The classic style of custom challenge coins gives them a formal look that works for any event or occasion. Add color to your design, especially for corporate coins, if you want it to stand out even more. We don’t charge extra for up to five different colors.

Not sure what color you want exactly? Just name a professional or college sports team or a Fortune 500 company that uses a color you like, and we can look up the Pantone color for you.

About Flipping Coin

What purpose does tossing a flipping coin serve ?​

In a challenge coin gallery, a military challenge coin is tossed into the air, spinning as it goes. Someone picks “heads” or “tails” before or while it’s in the air, and the other person gets the opposite side. The winner is the one who guessed correctly or got the higher side when the coin stops.

Sometimes, a coin can land on its edge, but it’s pretty rare (about 1 in 6000 chance for an American coin). Most of the time, if it doesn’t land flat, it’s flipped again.

The coin doesn’t have to be regular money; it can be any coin with two different sides. Bigger military challenge coins are used more often, especially for important events like the Super Bowl or the Cricket World Cup, where custom-made ceremonial medallions are used for tossing.

Flipping Coin Customized

Each soccer team’s captain enters the pitch and makes a hand gesture to indicate the goal they want for that half. This is referred regarded as “the toss.” The winning team takes control in center midfield; if it’s a tie, both teams begin with defense positions on the opposing sidelines and an attack in the middle (centers). After thirty minutes of play, the first halftime is called so that players from all four sides can switch positions or rehydrate before continuing.

The result of the coin toss for the football game could have far-reaching effects. The decision the football captain takes has an equal bearing on the future and the immediate effects of the second half. It’s usually ideal to take into account probable situations as early as possible if they are more favorable to moving in one way at the end of the game, such as the sun’s position or the wind’s direction being at your back.

In contrast to soccer, a game’s coin toss only occurs once. Because of how tie-breaking functions between two teams that have been evenly matched thus far without any clear winner after 60 minutes of play, most games without it could still result in ties regardless of what transpires during regulation time. However, important competitions like the World Cup do not permit this type of circumstance, when crucial matches necessitate extra innings because there is always action if one team maintains possession while outscoring its opponent by a number of goals (s). In those situations, you can count on losing at least 5 additional valuable minutes by impatiently waiting till someone scores an own goal or gets involved.

The challenge coin maker has been producing personalized sports coins and MEDALS for a variety of groups, events, and teams for more than a decade. Our online buying process is user-friendly, and we are here to assure that your personalized Flipping Challenge coin is of the highest possible quality.

Send your concept to our talented designers if you have an idea for a unique flipping coin right now.

The customization possibilities are the second thing you can consider. We will begin creating molds once you have decided on all of the customisation specifications and order quantities.

We’ll then start making your customized flipping coins.

Is it ok to buy challenge coins?

It is generally okay to buy challenge coins. While challenge coins are often presented as tokens of recognition or appreciation, they are also frequently sold as collectibles or memorabilia. In fact, many manufacturers create custom challenge coins specifically for sale to collectors or supporters.

It is important to note that the meaning and significance of a challenge coin can vary depending on the organization that issued it and the circumstances in which it was given. If you are purchasing a challenge coin as a collectible or souvenir, it is important to be respectful of the organization or group that the coin represents and to understand the significance of the coin.

What does it mean to be gifted a challenge coin?

Being gifted a challenge coin is often seen as a sign of recognition and appreciation for one’s service or accomplishments within a particular organization or community. The giving of a challenge coin is often associated with the military, but it is also common in other groups such as law enforcement, firefighting, and other public service organizations.

The specific meaning of being gifted a challenge coin can vary depending on the organization or group involved. In some cases, it may simply be a token of appreciation or a way to commemorate a particular event or achievement. In other cases, it may be a way of showing respect or solidarity among members of a particular organization.

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