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DIY challenge coins are challenge coins that need to be designed and made by yourself. Challenge coins are small coins or medals bearing an organization’s crest or logo, carried by a particular organization or individual. Often used to commemorate a specific event or achievement, DIY challenge coins are popular with consumers for their personal touch.

DIY Challenge Coins can be made by individuals or organizations who want to create unique coins commemorating a specific event. You can use your favorite materials to DIY. The materials used to make challenge coins are usually gold, silver, copper, iron and nickel, etc. Different metal materials will have different effects, and you can choose the material you like. The next step is to design the pattern you want, you can communicate with the challenge coin maker, let us realize your idea for you, and create your own DIY challenge coin.

Creating a DIY challenge coin can be a fun and rewarding project, give it a try!

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why DIY Challenge Coin?
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There are several reasons why someone might choose to create a DIY challenge coin instead of purchasing a Finished Challenge Coins.

Customization: With a DIY challenge coin, you have complete control over the design and materials used. This means you can create a coin that is truly unique and personalized to your tastes and preferences.

Creative Expression: Creating a DIY challenge coin can be a fun and creative project that allows you to express your artistic abilities and creativity.

Learning Experience: Making a DIY challenge coin can also be a learning experience, as you learn new skills and techniques related to crafting, design, and materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A1: Challenge coins are small metal coins or medallions that often have a design or emblem on one or both sides. They are typically given to members of a particular organization or group to commemorate an event or achievement and may also serve as a symbol of membership or camaraderie.


A2: The origins of challenge coins are somewhat disputed, but they are believed to have originated in the military. The tradition of carrying a challenge coin as a symbol of affiliation and camaraderie dates back at least to World War I.


A3: Challenge coins are often used to recognize and reward members of an organization or group for their service or achievements. They may also serve as a way to build camaraderie and team spirit.


A4: Challenge coins are typically given to members of a particular organization or group, such as military units, law enforcement agencies, or fire departments. They may also be given to members of a corporate team or other professional group.


A5: In the military, challenge coins may be given to recognize a soldier’s service, as a token of appreciation, or as a way to build morale and camaraderie within a unit. They may also be used in informal challenges or games, where the person who does not have their coin on them must buy a round of drinks.


A6: Yes, anyone can design and manufacture a challenge coin. However, challenge coins are most commonly created for specific organizations or groups and are often customized with the organization’s emblem or logo.


A7: Challenge coins can be made from a variety of materials, including brass, copper, nickel, zinc, and even precious metals like gold or silver. They may also be coated with a protective finish to prevent tarnishing or damage.



Although creating challenge coins is a lot of fun, there are many considerations to make beforehand. Fortunately, we’ve made bespoke coins for many years, and we’re pleased to assist you at every stage.

You can find all the information you want regarding challenge coin design in our how-to guide.

Blog: How To Design A Challenge Coin?


A: While challenge coins are often given as a gift or token of appreciation, they may also be sold or traded among collectors. Some rare or highly sought-after challenge coins can be quite valuable to collectors. However, it is important to note that the resale of challenge coins may be restricted by the organization or group that issued them.


A10: No, while challenge coins are most commonly associated with the military, they are also used in other organizations and groups, such as law enforcement agencies, fire departments, corporate teams, and even social clubs.


DIY challenge coin design ideas

DIY challenge coins are a great way to express your creativity and create a unique and personalized keepsake. Whether you are making challenge coins to commemorate a special event, honor a friend or loved one, or just to add to your collection, there are countless design possibilities to choose from. 

You can never go wrong with classic designs for challenge coins. Military, police, and firefighter designs are always popular and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Simple designs like a flag or a crest can be used to make your challenge coin stand out. The use of traditional colors like gold, silver, and bronze will give your coin a timeless look.

One of the great things about DIY challenge coins is that you can make them in any shape you want. Consider creating a coin that is shaped like a star, a heart, or a shield. If you are making a challenge coin for a sports team, you could create a coin that is shaped like a football or a basketball. You can use a die-cutter to create your desired shape.

Adding an inspirational quote to your DIY challenge coin can give it a deeper meaning. Use a quote that is meaningful to you or your organization. Consider adding a motivational phrase to encourage others to persevere through tough times.

Make your DIY challenge coin truly unique by adding personalized designs. Include a photo of a loved one or a pet. You could also add a special date, initials, or a name. These personal touches can make the coin more sentimental and meaningful.

Consider designing your challenge coin around a specific theme. If you are making a challenge coin for a charity event, create a design that reflects the cause. If you are creating a challenge coin for a group of friends, you could use a design that reflects a shared interest or hobby.

Use your creativity and imagination to create a coin that is truly unique and special. With the right design, your challenge coin can become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Tips and tricks for creating high-quality DIY challenge coins

Creating high-quality DIY challenge coins requires attention to detail and a careful approach to the design and manufacturing process.

The materials you use for your DIY challenge coin will determine its durability and overall quality. Use high-quality metals like brass or zinc alloy for the coin base. You should also consider the finish of the coin, which can affect its appearance and longevity. A polished finish can give your coin a sleek, professional look, while a matte finish can create a more rustic, vintage aesthetic.

The graphics on your challenge coin are what make it unique and memorable. To ensure that your design looks crisp and professional, use high-resolution graphics. 

If you are planning on creating a large number of challenge coins, it may be worth working with a professional manufacturer to create them for you. Challenge coin maker is a reputable manufacturer that has experience creating challenge coins and can provide you with samples of our work. This will ensure that your coins are made to a high standard and are of consistent quality.

The details on your challenge coin can make all the difference in its overall quality. Make sure that all text is legible and that any fine lines or intricate details are sharp and clearly defined. 

By following these tips and tricks, you can create high-quality DIY challenge coins that are both durable and visually appealing.

DIY challenge coin display ideas

DIY challenge coins are a great way to commemorate special events or honor an achievement, and displaying them can be just as important as creating them. 

Acrylic display stands are a simple and elegant way to showcase individual challenge coins. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These stands work well on a desk or bookshelf and allow you to rotate your coins easily.

If you want to create a more personalized display, consider using a picture frame. You can mount your coins on a piece of foam or cardboard and then frame them. This is a great option if you want to include a photo or other personal memento with your coins.

A display cabinet is a great way to showcase a larger collection of challenge coins. These cabinets work well in an office or living room and allow you to organize your coins in a way that is both practical and visually appealing.

By using these DIY challenge coin display ideas, you can showcase your collection in a way that is both practical and visually appealing.

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