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The honor guard is a custom that exists all across the world and dates back in time.

They are often called upon for important rituals like weddings or funerals, as well as to welcome and protect dignitaries visiting their nation.

Any military unit may serve as an honor guard for a head of state or another senior person, although some nations select a specific unit to carry out the duty alone.

The honor guard is often seen maintaining the conventional military formations and presentations, both for safety and for display purposes.

Soldiers of the honor guard may often be identified by their dress uniforms, as well as by their deliberate, coordinated motions and rituals.

The finest approach to portraying honor guard members as the public face of their country’s armed forces is via the awarding of military challenge coins.

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Units of the United States Honor Guard

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The American military’s many branches each have their own honor guard. The honor guard troops, stationed in the Washington, D.C., region, carry out several events on behalf of the President of the United States while representing the military as a whole and the United States as a whole. The units often travel around the nation and the globe when necessary, thus they are not restricted to serving in or near the country’s capital.

The U.S. Military’s particular honor guard units include:

United States Marine Corps Color Guard Platoon

To accord proper military homage and to highlight the Marine Corps’ distinguished legacy of warfighting, this platoon displays the National Flag and the Marine Corps Battle Color at events held across the National Capital Region and throughout the United States.

Army Honor Guard Company (3rd United States Infantry Regiment)

To represent the U.S. Army and tell its narrative to Americans and the rest of the world, this regiment holds memorial services to pay tribute to fallen colleagues as well as celebrations and unique events.

United States Navy Ceremonial Guard

Representing the Navy in official events in and around the nation’s capital, including those for the president, the Joint Armed Forces, the Navy, and the general public.

Coast Guard Ceremonial Honor Guard

Represents the Commandant, the Military District of Washington, and the US Coast Guard at formal events attended by dignitaries and foreign leaders.

The 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment guards the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery as an illustration of the routine duties performed by honor guard troops. Every branch and every unit has its own flag, ceremonial attire, and customs. They may completely personalize each of their challenge coins.


Canadian and British Honor Guards

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The honor guard may be assembled from a wide range of locations outside of the United States.

When it comes to protecting heads of state and other dignitaries, some nations use a more comprehensive strategy.

The ceremonial guard of the Canadian Armed Forces has traditionally been drawn from the regiments of the Governor General’s Foot Guard and the Canadian Grenadier Guard. But as of late, service is now available to personnel of every branch of the Canadian military.

The ceremonial guard participates in several routine events and presentations in addition to their sentry responsibilities at the National War Memorial and Rideau Hall.

These routine responsibilities include Trooping the Colour, the Governor General’s review of the Guard, and the Changing of the Guard.

There are no specific ceremonial units within the British Armed Forces.

They instead depend on troops from all three forces that are not deployed abroad to alternate and perform public tasks at different significant historical locations around the nation.

The Household Cavalry and the five Foot Guard units traditionally carry out ceremonial tasks.

The Household Cavalry’s following regiments are often called upon to carry out such duties:

  • The Life Guards
  • The Blue & Royals
  • Grenadier Guards
  • Coldstream Guards
  • Scots Guards
  • Irish Guards
  • Welsh Guards

The Queen’s Colour Squadron, the Royal Air Force’s ceremonial unit, is another option in addition to these Army groups.


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Superior officers often issue challenge coins as a way to recognize extraordinary courage in the line of duty, foster a sense of teamwork, and express appreciation for service.

Since serving in the honor guard sometimes entails no additional compensation, expressing thanks to the troops who carry out the tasks may often go a long way.

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