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What are Commemorative Coins?

Commemorative coins are coins made to remember a specific event or issue. They have a unique design that reflects the event or issue for which they were made.

Many of these coins are only for collectors, but some countries also make commemorative coins that are used in everyday life.

In 1982, the United States began making commemorative coins. In that year, which was the 250th anniversary of George Washington’s birth, the US Mint made special half-dollar coins to mark the event.

Since then, nearly every year, coins have been made to honor famous people, places, events, and institutions in the United States. Collectors like commemorative coins because they have a wide range of themes and different designs.

What is the TRUE value of commemorative coins?

Why celebrate the important things in life?

Well, we all want to remember the important things that happened in our lives, and when it comes to the people we care about, most of us want to give them something that shows how proud we are of them and their accomplishments.

Making a set of challenge coins for a special event by hand is a great way to tell the world about a person’s story and success.

We have everything you need to make a coin design that stands out and has meaning for any event.

It could be something fun like a sports challenge coin celebrating the end of a great season, or it could be something important like a wedding challenge coin honoring a special union. The only thing left to figure out is what kind of commemorative coins you need.

How to Choose a Commemorative Coin Style?

How to Choose a Commemorative Coin Style

When you choose custom coins from Regency Mint, one of the best things is that we can make almost any design you can think of. When it comes to making your design, you have a lot of options.

Our experienced team and custom coin maker can help you get exactly what you want. Some of the most popular types of custom coins for commemorations are:

Special date coins: You can celebrate your anniversary or birthday every year with a commemorative coin that has your anniversary date, birthday, age, number of years you’ve been together, birthstone color, and other details you choose.

It’s a collectible that makes a great gift and will be kept for a long time.

Corporate achievements: certificates are nice, but commemorative coins are a better way to honor milestones and accomplishments. These coins are great for employee recognition, corporate awards for years of service, safety awards, and more.

For the highest level of prestige in their commemoration or celebration, many of our customers choose to have us make their custom coins from pure Gold and Silver.

We also know that some people have to stay within a certain budget, so we can help you find the best solution that gives you both the high quality you want and the price you need.

Start Making Your Own Commemorative Coin Right Now

design your challenge coin

It’s easy to order coins from our custom coin manufacture.

Step 1: Fill out a form to find out how much your custom coin will cost.

Step 2: Tell us about the type of metal, the reason for the coin, your budget, and any other important details that will help us understand what you need.

Step 3: Send our team any art you’ve made. Even if you don’t have any art, that’s fine. Tell us as much as you can about what you need so that our team can start making your coin design.

Step 4: Our team will get in touch with you about your order to find out if there is anything else we need to know and to show you a mock-up of the design.

Step 5: You give the design your approval, and we get to work.

Contact us at to get started on your custom commemorative coin order, whether you already have an idea or need help figuring out what to do.

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