Coast Guard Challenge Coins

When it comes to celebrating the dedication and bravery of our United States Coast Guard (USCG) personnel, nothing quite captures the essence like USCG Challenge Coins. They hold a deep meaning and rich history within the Coast Guard community.

USCG Challenge Coins serve as tangible symbols of accomplishment and dedication. Whether you’re a seasoned Coast Guard veteran or a newly enlisted member, receiving a challenge coin is a recognition of your commitment to service.

Coast Guard Challenge Coins Gallery
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United States Coast Guard Colorized Challenge Coin

Coast Guard Challenge Coins Pricing

5 25 50 100 150 200 250 300 Mold Fee
1.5" $15.5 $9.18 $5.56 $3.48 $3.43 $3.21 $3.17 $2.94 $90
1.75" $15.5 $10.13 $6.10 $3.95 $3.90 $3.77 $3.73 $3.39 $115
2" $16.5 $10.58 $6.38 $4.31 $4.26 $4.13 $4.09 $3.85 $140
2.25" $16.5 $12.08 $7.25 $4.87 $4.80 $4.71 $4.66 $4.34 $165
2.5" $17.5 $14.81 $8.86 $5.66 $5.62 $5.46 $5.41 $5.17 $190

Custom Challenge Coin Plating Options

Custom coin plating is a process of applying a layer of metal coating onto a coin or medal to enhance its appearance, durability, and value. This technique involves electroplating a thin layer of gold, silver, copper, or other precious metals onto the surface of the coin to create a unique design and color. 

Shiny Gold
Shiny Silver
Shiny Copper
Antique Gold
Antique Silver
Antique Copper-Plating
Antique Copper
Antique Brass
Matte Gold
Dual Plating

Custom Challenge Coin Process

Custom coin coloring is a process of adding color to a coin or medal to create a unique and personalized design. This technique involves using special paints, enamels, or inks to add color to specific areas of the coin, such as the text, image, or border. The coloring process involves several steps, including applying a base coat, adding the desired colors, and finishing with a protective layer. The result is a vibrant and eye-catching coin that is both attractive and valuable.


Die-Struck Coin
Enamel Coin
printing Coin
3D coin
Curve Coin
Commemorative Coin
Glow In Dark Coin
Glow In Dark Coin
Glitter Coin

Custom Challenge Coin Edge Options

The custom coin edge refers to the raised or recessed outer edge of a coin that surrounds the main design. This area is often used to add text, numbers, or other decorative elements that enhance the overall appearance of the coin. Custom coin edges can be plain, reeded, or decorated with various patterns or designs. They can also include a smooth or serrated texture or be shaped in a unique way to match the theme or purpose of the coin.

Standard Edge

Standard Edge

Rope Edge

Rope Edge

Chain Edge

Chain Edge

Reeded Edge

Reeded Edge

Engraving Edge

Engraving Edge

Spur Edge

Spur Edge

Bevel Edge

Bevel Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Cross Cut Edge

Diamond Edge

Diamond Edge

Packaging Options

Presentation options refer to the various ways in which custom coins, medals, and other commemorative items can be displayed or packaged. These options can include custom packaging such as velvet boxes, wooden or acrylic displays, or custom inserts to hold the item in place. Presentation options can also include accessories such as lanyards, keychains, or lapel pins that complement the design of the coin or medal.

PVC Pouch

PVC Pouch

Round plastic case

Round Plastic Case

Velvet Case

Velvet Case


Black Plastic Holder

Rectangular plastic case

Rectangular plastic case


Wooden Holder

Custom Pantone Colors


Since different monitors and screens show colors in different ways, we use Pantone colors to show colors. These are industry standards that don’t change depending on the screen.

The classic style of custom challenge coins gives them a formal look that works for any event or occasion. Add color to your design, especially for corporate coins, if you want it to stand out even more. We don’t charge extra for up to five different colors.

Not sure what color you want exactly? Just name a professional or college sports team or a Fortune 500 company that uses a color you like, and we can look up the Pantone color for you.

Creating Your Own Coast Guard Coin Design

Coast Guard Challenge Coins are emblems of honor, courage, and camaraderie within the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Creating your own Coast Guard coin design is a special way to commemorate your service, celebrate achievements, or show appreciation to fellow Coast Guard members.

Define Your Purpose: Before diving into the design process, it’s essential to clarify the purpose of your custom coin. Are you designing it to honor a specific mission, unit, or individual? Or perhaps you want to create a memorable keepsake for your fellow Coast Guard buddies?

Gather Inspiration: Inspiration can come from various sources, including the USCG’s values, mission, or symbols. You can also draw inspiration from other Coast Guard Challenge Coins in the challenge coin gallery, but remember to make your design distinctive and meaningful to your purpose.

Choose Your Elements: Customizable coins allow you to include a range of elements that represent your chosen theme. Common elements include the USCG emblem, ships, helicopters, lighthouses, and flags.

Work with a Challenge Coin Maker: Once you have a clear vision of your design, collaborate with a challenge coin maker who specializes in USCG Challenge Coins. The experts have the knowledge and skills to bring your ideas to life. We can provide guidance on design, materials, and finishes.

Consider Colors and Finishes: The colors and finishes of your coin can add depth and meaning to your design. For instance, you might choose a glossy finish to highlight specific elements or opt for antique plating to give your coin a vintage feel.

Add Personal Touches: Personal touches can make your coin design even more special. You might include the names of team members, dates, or mission details on the coin’s edge or back.

Order Your Coins: Once you’re satisfied with your Coast Guard Challenge Coins design, it’s time to place your order with the challenge coin maker.

Present with Pride: When your custom Coast Guard Challenge Coins are ready, present them with pride. Whether it’s during a ceremony, mission completion, or as a token of appreciation, these coins will carry the spirit and pride of the Coast Guard.

Creating your own Coast Guard coin design is a meaningful and rewarding process. It allows you to celebrate the values, missions, and achievements of the USCG while fostering a sense of unity among fellow Coast Guard members.

Different Styles of Coast Guard Challenge Coins

Classic Emblems: Classic emblems are a timeless choice for Coast Guard Challenge Coins. They often feature the USCG emblem at the center, with intricate details and bold colors. These coins exude tradition and are perfect for commemorating significant milestones or honoring the core values of the Coast Guard.

Mission-Specific Coins: Mission-specific coins are designed to celebrate a particular mission or operation within the USCG. They typically incorporate mission names, dates, and relevant imagery. These coins serve as reminders of the challenges faced and the dedication shown during specific missions.

Ship and Aircraft Coins: USCG ships and aircraft play a vital role in the service’s operations. Coins in this style often showcase detailed representations of Coast Guard vessels or aircraft. These customizable coins are popular among crew members and aviation units, serving as symbols of pride and unity.

Lighthouse and Coastal Themes: Lighthouses and coastal themes are prevalent in Coast Guard Challenge Coins. These coins capture the essence of safeguarding our nation’s coastlines and waterways. They often feature stunning lighthouse designs, waves, and maritime symbols, emphasizing the Coast Guard’s role in maritime safety.

Veteran and Retiree Coins: These coins are designed to honor the service of Coast Guard veterans and retirees. They may incorporate the years of service, rank, and branch insignia, creating a personal connection to one’s Coast Guard journey.

Commemorative Coins: Commemorative coins are crafted to mark special occasions, such as anniversaries, retirements, or reunions. They can feature custom designs that reflect the significance of the event and serve as cherished keepsakes.

Personalized Coins: For those seeking a truly unique and personal touch, customizable coins offer endless possibilities. You can work with a challenge coin maker to create a design that reflects your individual experiences, achievements, and memories within the Coast Guard.

What are the Benefits of Coast Guard Coins?

Recognition and Appreciation: Coast Guard Coins are often given as tokens of recognition and appreciation. Whether it’s a superior acknowledging exemplary service or a fellow Coast Guard member expressing gratitude, receiving a challenge coin is a meaningful way to feel valued for your contributions.

Fostering Camaraderie: These coins are powerful tools for building and reinforcing camaraderie within the USCG community. When a member presents a coin to a colleague, it creates a connection, symbolizing shared experiences, goals, and values. It’s a way to say, “We are in this together.”

Boosting Morale: Being part of the USCG can be challenging, with personnel often facing demanding and high-stress situations. Coast Guard Coins can serve as morale boosters. Knowing that your efforts are recognized and appreciated can provide a much-needed morale lift during difficult times.

Encouraging Excellence: Coast Guard Coins are often awarded to individuals who go above and beyond their call of duty. They serve as an incentive for excellence, motivating members to strive for the highest standards in their roles.

Commemorating Milestones: Customizable coins are perfect for commemorating significant milestones in a Coast Guard member’s career. Whether it’s completing basic training, achieving a specific rank, or marking the successful completion of a mission, these coins become cherished keepsakes.

Unique Collectibles: Many Coast Guard members and veterans collect challenge coins as a hobby. These coins hold sentimental value and are often displayed in homes or offices. Each coin represents a unique story and journey within the USCG.

Strengthening Traditions: Challenge coins have a rich tradition within the USCG, and they play a vital role in preserving and strengthening these traditions. They are often used in formal ceremonies, such as promotions or retirements, adding a sense of history and continuity to these events.

Coast Guard Coins offer far more than their visual appeal; they are tokens of recognition, camaraderie, and appreciation. These coins boost morale, motivate excellence, and serve as cherished mementos of a Coast Guard member’s journey. As they continue to be an integral part of the USCG tradition, they will undoubtedly carry their unique benefits into the future, honoring the service and dedication of those who protect our coastlines and waters.

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