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Yes, There Are Actually Video Game Challenge Coins


Game Theory by Numbers

The figures for 2018 have been released, and the entertainment software association reports:

  • Video games are played by more than 150 million Americans.
  • 60 percent of them play every day.
  • The typical home has two gamers.

The industry generated 30.4 billion dollars in sales and sold over 24 billion games in 2016 alone.

$30,4000,000,000 … wow

These figures include all types of gaming, including casual smartphone and PC gaming. There are motion control games, virtual reality games, building games, shooting games, strategy games, action games, and the list goes on. Everyone can find something they like, and based on how many people are playing video games now, the majority of us have done so.

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Custom video game coins are a great way to spread that joy and experience, and there are no design restrictions; only your creativity applies. While competitive League of Legends players could want original artwork of their favorite champions, Call of Duty and Battlefield fans might prefer a design that is based on our real military challenge coins. It all depends on the kind of design you want and the type of game.

Who Uses Challenge Coins for Video Games?

Game Developers Over the years, development teams have accumulated special currencies as they finished games. Ahead of the release of the game, they also utilize them for advertising. For press conferences and demo events like E3 and San Diego Comic-Con, AAA developers have coins minted. They distribute them to supporters and urge them to share and collect them like pins or patches. They make entertaining and enduring presents that keep a game on everyone’s mind. The most desired currencies work with major developers like:

  • Nintendo
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Naughty Dog
  • Valve Corporation
  • Rockstar Games

Video Game Coins

Some development teams make coins and keep them on hand, similar to corporate currencies. When a project is finished, studio directors and team leaders distribute the coins as a way to recognize the years of effort it took to create a distinctive and exhilarating experience.

Esports Locations

Whoever stated playing video games is a solitary activity was insane. As of May 2017, 40 million active users were playing the Overwatch video game by Blizzard Entertainment, according to Statista.


Yes, forty million. To put that figure into perspective, consider that more individuals play Overwatch than there are residents of Canada as a whole.

The Overwatch League attracts the most competitive Overwatch players who want to compete for financial prizes and the title of global champion.

But competition is not limited to Overwatch. According to PC Magazine, there are hundreds of local and regional esports events around the nation in addition to dozens of high-volume esports competitions.

Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)-specific event The International offers a prize fund of over $10 million! Internationally renowned professional gamers assemble for the opportunity to win.

These events’ venues and hosts employ video game challenge coins to mark the beginning of play and honor teams who have made it to the championship rounds. Sometimes they have dates, sponsor logos, or allusions to the games that are now being played.

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Video game challenge coins are used in tournaments to mark the beginning of the competition and to honor the teams who have made it to the championship rounds.

They could include allusions to competitive games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike or fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Tekken, as well as dates or sponsor logos. It relies on the competition’s setting and the games that are played there.

Shopkeepers and casual gamers

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Custom coins are kept on hand by retailers to sell or give away with sales. Designs may easily include information like location or services that a shop provides and are used to promote a store’s brand. Coins are readily exchanged and draw the interest of prospective customers.

Instead of putting them up for sale, some shops provide video game challenge coins to customers who sign up for membership or rewards programs.

Coins are gathered by casual gamers from their preferred games, contests, and expos. Some players even have custom coins they’ve created themselves. They are a fantastic method to express pride and excitement for any video game or gaming system. Custom video game challenge coins including team names, Gamertags, and call signs are produced for professional players.

Reasons to Purchase a Video Game Conquest Coin

There are an unlimited number of worlds to explore thanks to gaming. They provide a space for solace, stress relief, and enjoyment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an esports champion or simply a mom playing a few rounds with your kids on a Saturday afternoon; the fact that video games bring people together is reason enough to celebrate. Challenge coins are a way to share gaming memories with individuals who matter most to you.

They serve as a unique way to promote your favorite books, they stand for shared interests and passions, and they serve as conversation starters for both new and old friends. Making unique coins allows you to stand out in a sea of 150 million American players and untold numbers of creators. Video game challenge coins connect people together.


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