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What Is Police Motorcycle Challenge Coin

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Police Motorcycle Challenge Coins

Respect the Special Work Done by Police Motorcycle Units

Police departments and sheriff’s offices all around the country utilize police challenge coins to pay tribute to the courageous men and women in blue who work to keep their communities safe.

Another thing all police departments have in common, outside the use of challenge coins, is the presence of motorcycle units.

These groups of policemen are connected by a shared passion for motorbikes and their commitment to defending the lives and property of local residents. 

Being a part of a unique organization inside a law enforcement fraternity that is already exclusive is a unique experience. To celebrate this unique connection, police departments issue challenge coins.

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We at Super ChallengeCoins are aware of the particular bonds that individuals have with one another.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making custom challenge coins for over 10 years that precisely capture the ties between police, military, and firemen.

We have developed a solid grasp of what binds these like-minded individuals together as a result of our tremendous appreciation for the courageous men and women who serve their communities.

Custom challenge coins are a great way to further cement those connections. Call us right now to pay tribute to the men and women who serve in your motorcycle unit!

About Motorcycle Police Coins and Patches


Police motorcycle unit members frequently wear a patch identifying them as members of the unit on their clothing.

The winged wheel with an arrow through it is the most typical emblem used to identify motor units.

The wheel is there to indicate motion, the arrow is there to represent accuracy, and the wings are there to represent quickness. Motorcycle units all around the country exhibit these qualities.

Additionally, the symbol provides an eye-catching challenge coin design. One of the many items police motorcycle units use to flaunt their membership in such a select club is coins.

Police departments have these units because they can navigate traffic bottlenecks more readily than other police cars, allowing them to respond quickly to incidents.

They also offer high-speed patrols and pursuits when necessary, serve as a sort of honor guard for police funerals, and accompany VIP motorcades.

Motor units are a distinctive and important component of every police force, serving as both the ceremonial face and a crucial aspect of daily law and order operations.

You can make police motorcycle challenge coins with Super Challenge Coins that are just as distinctive and special as the officers who are carrying them thanks to the personalization possibilities available.

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To ensure you get the most out of your custom coin order, Super ChallengeCoins is thrilled to provide you with as many personalization options as we can.

We want to make sure that anything you may imagine can be realized by our team of extremely trained artists

when you work with us to develop your motorbike police coins.

In keeping with this, we provide the following sophisticated options in addition to the typical customization options of size, shape, and color:

3D Coins By having your design jump off the surface of the coin, you may further enhance how noticeable it is.

Sequential Numbering — Sequential numbering is a popular choice for the incorporation of badge numbers. It gives each individual coin a special touch by assigning them a unique sequential number. Since no two numbers are ever the same, the numbering option makes each coin in your order even more unique.

Edge Numbering — If your coin’s design does not naturally include a space for sequential numbers, you might want to think about having this feature added to the coin’s edge.

Cutouts — Nothing captures the quick mobility of a police motorcycle squad better than intentional cutouts in your currency.

Glow in the Dark — With the help of our unique glow-in-the-dark enamel, you can ensure that your coins are visible both day and night.

These options provide your coins a distinct advantage over the competition among the minor ways clients choose to differentiate their bespoke coins from the competition.

Along with the amazing selections available, Super Challenge Coins also offers you a wide range of distinctive and customized coin plating alternatives.

Antique Gold — The most popular plating choice for personalized challenge coins is antique gold. When contrasted with the raised parts, the recessed areas will have a somewhat darker finish.

Text is easier to read and can be seen in greater relief thanks to antique plating, which also ages more subtly.

High Polish Gold — High polish gold coins have the same high polish finish on both the raised and recessed portions of the coin, making them the most elegant and expensive-looking plating choice.

Antique Silver – Offering many of the same advantages as antique gold, antique silver plating gives your coin a vintage appearance by resembling antique pewter.

High Polish Silver — Each high polish silver coin is hand-dipped in actual silver plating and then polished to a very high gloss, making it one of the more popular selections.

Copper — Copper is a fantastic, distinctive material that can help your challenge coin stand out from the crowd. The level of high polish finish is the same for both elevated and recessed parts.

Black Metal – Coins made of this metal have a natural strength and distinctiveness. The majority of coins have a metallic appearance, thus black metal stands out significantly and raises the color contrasts virtually by default.

Antique Nickel: A relatively recent plating option, antique nickel offers coins a look of extreme durability by resembling gunmetal.

Black Nickel — Unlike other black metal coins, which often have a smooth, uniform texture, black nickel coins have an intriguing matte finish.

You can always choose our dual plating option for a truly distinctive appearance if more than one plating choice sounds appealing.

You can create a unique challenge coin by personally combining these options to create one that has never been seen before.

The Super Challenge Coins Experience

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When you work with Super Challenge Coins to design your unique challenge coin,

you benefit from a service that has more than 10 years of experience serving clients in the military and law enforcement.

Customers can virtually completely personalize their unique challenge coin using our advanced design process,

including the form, size, color, metal, and edge of their design.

design your challenge coin

Moreover, our team of experts has the ability to craft unique designs, drawing inspiration from various sources, be it existing professional artwork, written descriptions, or even rough sketches on a napkin.

We maintain close collaboration with each client to guarantee that every aspect of the coin aligns with their exact preferences. This is because we deeply understand the significance of challenge coins to the organizations that commission them and the recipients who hold them dear. For a glimpse of our exceptional craftsmanship, explore our challenge coin gallery.

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