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Motorcycle Coins

Motorcycle Challenge Coins Will Get Your Crew Going

The emergence of the initial motorcycles appeared to ignite the imagination of engineers during the mid-1800s.

While the early prototypes bore little resemblance to the custom challenge coins, choppers, and sports bikes of today, they marked the genesis of a revolution that would leave an indelible mark on the world.

Despite the fact that various types of vehicles engender their own passionate followings, the culture surrounding bikers stands in a category of its own.

It is challenging to identify any single vehicular innovation that has generated a comparable degree of debate, spanning from biker gangs to the ranks of motorcycle patrol police officers.

Motorcyclists are not your typical commuters; they are part of a unique group that is invisible to other drivers on the road. Club challenge coins are frequently given out to participants in order to best capture the essence of this pastime.

We at Super Challenge Coins are aware of the particular bonds that people have with one another. We’ve put a lot of effort into making unique challenge coins for over 10 years that precisely capture the ties between police, military, and firefighters.

We have developed a solid grasp of what binds these like-minded people together as a result of our tremendous appreciation for the courageous men and women who serve their communities.

We’re more than willing to use such information when it comes to the coinage for your motorbike club. Contact us right now to begin designing a memento that your bikers will value almost as much as their pigs.

Challenge coins for organizations and motorcycle clubs

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There have been both official and unofficial motorcycle clubs for untold ages. These organizations will unavoidably form anywhere people can congregate and indulge their enthusiasm for riding.

Clubs are frequently set up around certain bike kinds, brands, or styles of riding. Riders that are interested in traveling to other locations and taking in the sights there typically form touring groups.

Motorcycle club challenge coins, like military unit coins, provide a quick and simple means to distinguish members of particular chapters from one another.

These challenge coins precisely represent who the club members are and what your motorcycle club is all about, complete with the symbols, colors, and mottos of the relevant organization.

Motorcycle club challenge coins could be useful for a variety of groups, including:

  • 59 Club
  • Antique Motorcycle Club of America
  • Association of Recovering Motorcyclists
  • BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
  • Canadian Army Veteran Motorcycle Units
  • Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 
  • Cycle Queens of America
  • Harley Owners Group
  • Moped Army
  • Motor Maids
  • Rainbow Motorcycle Club
  • The Royal British Legion Riders Branch
  • San Francisco Motorcycle Club
  • Yonkers Motorcycle Club
  • Dykes on Bikes
  • Vintage Motor Cycle Club
  • Women in the Wind MC
  • Leather & Lace Motorcycle Club

Police Motorcycle Unit Coin

You can completely personalize each motorcycle club challenge coin, and our staff of talented artists will then bring it to life.

If art and design aren’t your strong suit, don’t be frightened; our talented crew has produced excellent challenge coins from nothing more than sketchy doodles on cocktail napkins.

We are confident that we can make anything you may imagine!

Enhance the Visibility of Your Motorcycle Club Challenge Coins

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Making a unique challenge coin that stands out from the crowd is simple with Super ChallengeCoins.

Your motorcycle challenge coins will be totally unique thanks to our wide range of customization possibilities. The wide variety of plating options we provide is one of our most well-liked personalization options:

Antique Gold — The most popular plating choice for personalized challenge coins is antique gold. When contrasted with the raised parts, the recessed areas will have a somewhat darker finish. Text is easier to read and can be seen in greater relief thanks to antique plating, which also ages more subtly.

High Polish Gold — High polish gold coins have the same high polish finish on both the raised and recessed portions of the coin, making them the most elegant and expensive-looking plating choice.

Antique Silver – Offering many of the same advantages as antique gold, antique silver plating gives your coin a vintage appearance by resembling antique pewter.

High Polish Silver — Each high polish silver coin is hand-dipped in actual silver plating and then polished to a very high gloss, making it one of the more popular selections.

Copper — Copper is a fantastic, distinctive material that can help your challenge coin stand out from the crowd. The level of high polish finish is the same for both elevated and recessed parts.

Black Metal – Coins made of this metal have a natural strength and distinctiveness. Black metal definitely jumps out and heightens color contrasts practically by default because most coins have a metallic appearance.

Antique Nickel: A relatively recent plating option, antique nickel offers coins a look of extreme durability by resembling a gunmetal.

Black Nickel — Unlike other black metal coins, which often have a smooth, uniform texture, black nickel coins have an intriguing matte finish.

It’s easy to feel overly spoilt for choice with so many alternatives, but the good news is that dual plating allows you to combine your two favorite options if you’re having trouble choosing a plating option.

Larger coins can also use plating techniques that go beyond the standard two.

Stamp Your Signature on Your Motorcycle Challenge Coins

design challenge coin

You will gain from our years of experience and the diligence of our team of experts when you choose Super ChallengeCoins to produce your personalized motorbike challenge coins.

Every step of the challenge coin development process, from conception to design to delivery, can be assisted by our artists.

You can make use of the following services using Super ChallengeCoins:

  • FREE artwork
  • FREE unlimited revisions
  • FREE setup and mold
  • Fast shipping
  • 100% Quality Guarantee

If you’re ready to breathe life into your motorcycle club challenge coins, reach out to us via email or complete one of the free quotes provided on this page. For a captivating showcase of our work, don’t forget to visit our challenge coin gallery.

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