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What is Dual Plating coins?

Dual Plated Coins

Sometimes, two are better than one

Dual Plating 3D Challenge Coin

You’ve meticulously crafted the appearance of your own coins, selected your desired customizations, and reviewed the proofs skillfully created by our artists. Now, the final step is choosing the plating option that perfectly complements your design, ensuring your coins shine brighter than the rest.

At Super Challenge Coins, our proofs often showcase multiple plating choices, including your initial preference and additional options recommended by our artists to enhance your design.

Consider exploring our dual plating upgrade – it’s a straightforward yet effective way to ensure your coins not only stand out but also leave a lasting impression. As the best challenge coin company, we’re dedicated to making your custom coins truly exceptional.

You might want to start with What is Plating?

The dual plate finish works for products that are 2D, 3D, or full-dimensional. Some awards and gifts, like custom badges, commemorative coins, belt buckles, key chains, etc., are often made with two layers of metal.

Normal products only come in one metallic color. like nickel plating, copper finish, gold plating, etc. A product with a single metal finish only needs to be plated once. A product with a dual metal finish, on the other hand, needs to be plated twice.

What is Dual Plating?

Custom Dual Plating Special Shaped Embossed Antique Challenge Coins-1

Dual Plating, in essence, refers to the use of two-tone finishes on badges or custom made coins, creating an appealing visual contrast.

In simpler terms, dual plating involves adorning an item’s surface with two distinct metal colors. Commonly, this includes combinations such as gold plating paired with nickel plating, which are among the most popular two-tone finishes available.

Other favored plating options include black nickel with gold accents, antique bronze for a classic look, and a combination of nickel finishes for a unique touch. Police badges and custom made coins with dual plating not only enhance their appearance but also convey a sense of sophistication and professionalism compared to those with a single plating color.

Dual plating’s effects

USSOCOM SOCOM 4 Star Tip Of The Spear Coin Dual Plated Gold and Polished Silver

Opting for the gold and silver dual plating choice elevates the perceived value of your coins, delivering a coating that seamlessly blends in while also commanding attention. While dual-plated coins featuring both gold and silver are undeniably striking, it’s important to note that this isn’t the sole dual-plating option available.

Furthermore, the striking combination of black nickel and gold plating captivates the eye with its unique appeal. When antique gold is incorporated, it imparts a timeless and weathered charm to the coins. The rich darkness of the nickel serves as a perfect foil to the lustrous gold, creating an appealing contrast.

For a truly distinctive appearance, consider pairing a black nickel plating with a copper base metal. The rarity of this combination often lends dual-plated coins in these two metals a distinctive steampunk aesthetic, setting them apart from the ordinary.

In addition to our precious metal platings, we also offer powder coating finishes. While these options are not frequently combined, our flexibility allows us to explore unconventional requests. This means that when it comes to dual plating, the possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

Dual plating as a Decoration

Dual Plating 3D Challenge Coin-2

While it’s clear why clients might opt for dual plating to enhance contrast and achieve a polished finish on one or both sides of their coin, the benefits extend beyond mere aesthetics.

Dual plating offers a versatile option for adding subtle intricacies to coins, a feature highly appreciated by government and military clients. They often utilize distinct platings to accentuate specific elements within the coin’s design.

To make a seal, logo, or other minor embellishment truly stand out, consider plating it in a contrasting metal.

Dual-plated coins, boasting a perception of high value and impeccable craftsmanship, make for exceptional gifts and incentives. While they remain among the most sought-after dual-plating choices, there are numerous alternatives to explore.

Simply share your interest in experimenting with two or more plating options with our sales team, and our talented artists will craft proofs that showcase the optimal choice for your design. For further inspiration, you can also explore our challenge coin gallery.

design challenge coin

How to make the challenge coins with two layers of metal?

Use commemorative coins made just for you as an example. Below the US police, the challenge coin is a combination of old gold and old nickel finishes.

Here is a simplified version of the process of dual plating:

Step 1: Start with copper plating. It’s not very good.

Step 2: Choose an old nickel finish.

Step 3: Cover the nickel-colored part of the product with a layer of protective color so that the color doesn’t fade during the second plating.

Step 4: Make sure the coins are dry. Then the second layer of gold can be put on.

Step 5: Coat the old gold with gold.

How can I order coins with dual plating?

design your challenge coin

Step1. Send an inquiry
Send us the design, size, color, number, and plating colors when you inquire (metal finish)

Step2. Verify the artwork design
We will indicate the size, color, plating color, attachment, and any other parameters on the artwork for approval.

Step3. Plan the production.

In terms of the cost of two-tone items, since dual plating is more costly than single plating and has a greater failure rate, the cost of dual-plated products is often higher.

Please email us at if you would like to create a special item for a military department or any significant dual-plated commemorative coin design.

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