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U.S. Army Infantry Challenge Coins

US Army Infantry Strike Forward Challenge Coin

Army Infantry Challenge Coins

Do you have challenge coins for your Army Infantry unit?

Army Combat Infantry Coin

The U.S. Army Infantry branch, often hailed as the ‘Queen of the Battle’ due to its strategic power and adaptability akin to the queen on a chessboard, serves as the primary ground combat force and the backbone of the Army.

With roots dating back to 1775, the infantry has a rich history of safeguarding the United States during times of both conflict and peace. These specialized troops forge enduring bonds and connections through the rigorous training at Fort Benning.

When it comes to symbolizing these lifelong ties, Custom Army infantry challenge coins prove to be the ideal choice.

At Super Challenge Coins, we take pride in our role as expert Coin Maker, crafting Army challenge coins that authentically capture the profound camaraderie formed through shared experiences.

With over 15 years dedicated to understanding and commemorating the service and sacrifices of Army infantry personnel, we stand as the premier destination for obtaining a unique set of personalized challenge coins for your infantry unit. Our commitment to quality materials and industry-leading production times of 14–16 days ensures you receive the best.

What Are Army Infantry Challenge Coins?

U.S. Army Home of The Infantry Fort Benning

Custom Coins with a Rich Military Heritage

Challenge coins, steeped in military tradition, serve as tangible symbols of a soldier’s affiliation with a specific unit.

In the Army, custom infantry coins hold special significance. These coins are bestowed upon soldiers by senior Army infantry officers to express gratitude for exceptional service or to commemorate significant career milestones.

For example, upon completing their rigorous training at Fort Benning, infantry personnel often receive custom challenge coins, marking their official entry into the infantry branch.

While serving in the army, soldiers strive to achieve various goals and frequently seize opportunities to go above and beyond the call of duty. This dedication can lead to the accumulation of numerous challenge coins, which can significantly impact a soldier’s performance during the challenge portion of the ritual.

When called upon to display their infantry coin, a soldier must be prepared to do so. Failure to produce the coin results in the obligation to purchase refreshments for the challenger, with the same rule applying if the challenger cannot present their own currency.

Making Your Own Individual Infantry Challenge Coin

United States Army Fort Benning Home of The Infantry Challenge Coin-2

Creating Your Custom Army Coins at Super Challenge Coins

At Super Challenge Coins, we’ve streamlined the design process to make it as convenient as possible. Our goal is to ensure you receive the perfect coin that your infantrymen will treasure forever, and our dedicated team of graphic designers is ready to collaborate with you every step of the way.

When it comes to customizing your coins, you have a variety of options:

Shape and Size: While circular coin designs are common, we offer various shapes tailored to your unit’s preferences. Our custom coins are available in sizes ranging from 1″ to 3″. You can choose shapes such as badges, dog tags, mascots, and more.

Color: Our palette includes the entire Pantone color spectrum, allowing you to maintain the traditional metallic appearance of the coin or customize one or both sides with up to seven additional colors.

3D Options: Make a bold statement by incorporating 3D elements that set your personalized coin apart. Features like lettering, logos, and unique design components can make your coin truly stand out.

Coin Edge: We offer six distinct edge options, from a classic smooth edge to intricate crosscuts, to suit your preferences.

Plating: Decide whether you’d like your personalized coin plated in antique gold, silver, copper, or a combination for a truly distinctive look.

Offset Printing: Utilize offset printing to precisely reproduce an image or picture on the surface of your coin.

Silkscreen: Maintain a flawless surface by applying the colors of your design via silk screening.

Epoxy Dome: If you prefer a smooth, glassy surface on one or both sides of your coin, the epoxy dome option is perfect.

With these customization options, you can create unique army infantry challenge coins tailored exclusively for the men in your unit, whether they serve in Light Infantry, Stryker Infantry, or Mechanized Infantry. Explore our challenge coin gallery for inspiration and start designing your custom army coins today!

Take Advantage of Free Infantry Challenge Coin Artwork Right Now

United States Army Fort Wainwright 172nd Infantry Challenge Coin

Beginning your purchase with SuperChallengeCoins simply takes a few seconds, and it will put you on the right track to making a unique and personalized gift that the members of your unit will treasure always. SuperChallengeCoins provides the finest value on the market for what you receive.

You are entitled to these exclusive complimentary services when you purchase army infantry coins from SuperChallengeCoins:

Free Artwork & Design: Our artists collaborate with you to design your personalized coin and produce the artwork.

Free unlimited revisions: After obtaining the original artwork, give us as many changes as you need to make to the coin design until you’re happy with it.

We don’t charge for your unique coin mold or setup, in contrast to other coin production firms. After manufacture, some customers decide to preserve their mold.

No matter where you are stationed in the globe, we will send your personalized challenge coins to you via UPS Priority Air Shipping.

100% Quality Guarantee: Backed by an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, we provide a quality and customer service guarantee.

Since World War I, challenge coins have been a part of military history. Keep your Army infantry unit from being captured without their own money. Put SuperChallengeCoins‘ experience supporting the armed branches of our country for over 15 years to work for you. Send your coin suggestions by email, phone, or by completing the form below to get the process started right away.

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