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Tampa Bay Lightning Challenge Coins



All Tampa Bay Lightning supporters are urged to “Be the Thunder of Change”

Gratitude for the Military of Our Country

The Tampa Bay Lightning Challenge Coins recognize American servicemen and women with standing ovations and appreciation ceremonies before each home game.

The veterans and active duty personnel standing on the ice and waving to the audience are greeted with thunderous applause across the stadium.

The Lightning has consistently placed a high value on demonstrating their gratitude for the suffering and bravery of our country’s heroes.

Our country’s military deserves our support and encouragement, and when Edward Pereira, the founder, and chairman of the Gratitude Professor Foundation, chose to contact the Lightning about possible cooperation, we were pleased he thought our goods could aid him in this effort.

His foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop heartfelt methods of expressing love and appreciation to the brave service members of our country’s armed forces through distinctive challenge coin programs and hero gifts.

The greatest person to explain what they do is Pereira, who claimed in an interview with Wesley Chapel magazine that “Our Medal of Honor Hero Packages alter lives… placing a Medal of Honor around a hero’s neck and telling them they are loved and the matter is a highly effective way to directly and concretely honor and appreciate them.

On November 10, 2018, Military Appreciation Night, the Lightning Foundation held a charity auction as part of which these coins were offered for sale.

The Gratitude Professor Foundation received the full earnings from the sale of the Tampa Bay Lightning challenge coins, which will support the organization’s work to teach respect and love to the nation’s armed personnel.

However, these coins are not merely intended to serve as mementos. Pereira wanted to create a coin that would enable Tampa Bay Lightning supporters to independently share love and thanks throughout the world!

The Challenge Coins That Transform Hands and Lives

graduation challenge coins

The Random Acts of Gratitude (R.A.G.S.) to Wishes challenge coin program is what he came up with.

These coins are intended to encourage people to “be the thunder of change” in someone else’s life, as it is stated in the text above the Gratitude Professor Foundation emblem.

These personalized coins are given to soldiers in the military as awards for their outstanding service and valor while doing their duties. They are sentimental presents that have great emotional significance due to what they stand for.

Challenge coins are evidence that a soldier’s sacrifices are meaningful, that they are having an impact, and that people are aware of their amazing accomplishments.

They are given out by superior officers to show a soldier that their efforts are being noted and that their dedication to serving the country is deserving of recognition.

This is the reason the R.A.G.S. to Wishes coins are so effective and why Pereira incorporates challenge coins into all of his foundation’s initiatives.

The heroes in our daily lives deserve appreciation just as much as the warriors do for their immeasurable service.

Perhaps it’s a parent that goes above and beyond each day to provide for your safety, happiness, and care. It can be a close buddy who remained by your side even after everyone else left through the most trying period of your life.

Or perhaps you know a soldier and want to let them know how much you value their sacrifice and hard work.

The Lighting coins are meant to be given to one of your heroes together with a heartfelt note of gratitude and affection.

The coin serves as a tangible reminder of your feelings for them and your appreciation for all they do.

It’s simple to make certain people for granted and to forget how essential they are to us.

These coins allow us the opportunity to positively impact their lives via our thanks.

Hearing from people like Sven Nelson, a United States Army veteran whose family gave him a hero package from the Appreciation Professor, it’s simple to see how gratitude can improve someone’s life.

It meant the world to me to be recognized as a hero by the Gratitude Professor.

It demonstrates to my son that I am more than just his father. I took action to benefit him, my nation, and my family. I will cherish this for the rest of my life because it is absolutely unique.

You can assist Pereira’s organization continue to transform the lives of veterans and troops around the country by making a donation to the R.A.G.S. to Wishes program.

You also have the opportunity to positively influence the life of a loved one.

Making a Point with Challenge Coins

design your challenge coin

Such the challenge coin maker Super ChallengeCoins initiatives are a great way to engage people with your business or cause and spread the word about it.

Sequential numbering is one of the most intriguing features of the Tampa Bay Lightning coins.

Pereira made sure that each coin had a unique number so that they could all be recorded online and traced as they were traded.

The program’s goal is to encourage participants to not only express appreciation to significant people in their lives but also to urge others to do the same.

As a result, love and respect are continuously passed from person to person via the Lightning challenge coins.

People may upload images and thank-you notes on the internet after registering their coin number.

This implies that everyone associated with the initiative may see how their one act of appreciation affects others all around the globe!

A special and impactful approach for Pereira to engage individuals in his company and promote the word of thankfulness is via his challenge coin program.

We have produced a number of medals and challenge coins for the Gratitude Professor Foundation in addition to the Tampa Bay Lightning coins.

Each one is made to be given as a token of gratitude along with a unique message of adoration, respect, and gratitude.

We often get requests for personalized challenge coins from NGOs and charities of all stripes, and we are always pleased to oblige.

Heroes in the Rough and the Highground Veterans Park, just like Pereira’s challenge coin gallery, use our military challenge coins to show gratitude to their supporters and service people. They create unique art to raise awareness and encourage participation in their cause.

Gratitude is a big part of Pereira’s life. The coins he makes with our group represent the bravery and sacrifices of warriors who defend our nation.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for the Gratitude Professor Foundation. We’re both proud and humbled that our products are used for such a meaningful cause.

If you or your organization want a special way to say thanks or rally support for your cause, give us a call to see what we can create for you.

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