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Make Your Own Challenge Coin with Super Challenge Coins

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Challenge Coins: Show Your Pride and Honor with Super Challenge Coins

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Are you looking for a way to commemorate an important event or honor someone special? Challenge coins are a perfect choice!

Super Challenge Coins is the premier challenge coins maker, offering custom-made coins that show off your pride and honor.

Whether it’s for a wedding, military service, or other special occasions, we can create beautiful challenge coins that will tell your story. Let us help you make a lasting impression!

Super Challenge Coins has cooperated with big brands many times, such as star wars, DC, WB, Walmart, MacDonald, and Disney, and has won the support and praise of many customers and long-term cooperation.

Not only are we satisfied with our production, quality, price, and delivery date, but also have a stable guarantee and influence on our partners and our brand, so that customers care about and trust Super Challenge Coins, so as to achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win results.

What Are Challenge Coins?

Custom Printed Sport Soccer Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been used throughout history to recognize outstanding achievements and commemorate significant events.

They were first used by the military in World War I as a way of boosting morale among soldiers and recognizing individual acts of bravery or valor on the battlefield.

Today, they are still used by all branches of the military but also have become popular among businesses, organizations, schools, sports teams – anyone who wants to recognize excellence or mark an important milestone.

Wedding Challenge Coins: Celebrate Your Love with Custom-Made Designs


A wedding is one of life’s most memorable moments – why not commemorate it with custom-made challenge coins?

At Super Challenge Coins we specialize in creating unique designs tailored to each couple’s specific needs. Our experienced designers work closely with each client to develop a design that captures their love story perfectly; from incorporating meaningful symbols into the artwork to adding text engravings like names and dates.

Wedding invite and arrhae

We use only high-quality materials so our customers can enjoy their beautiful keepsakes for years to come!

Winter Warfare Challenge Coin: Show Off Your Service With The Fort Drum 10th Mountain Division Updated Coin

U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Warriors of The Sea Challenge Coin

For those who served in winter warfare conditions during their time in service there is no better way than commemorating this experience than with The Fort Drum 10th Mountain Division Updated Coin from Ranger Coin Store.

This coin features detailed artwork depicting winter warfare scenes such as skiers skiing down snowy slopes while carrying rifles over their shoulders along with text engravings showing “Fort Drum 10th Mountain Division” around its perimeter edge which makes this coin stand out from other standard issue challenge coins available today!


Not only does this piece honor those who served during these harsh conditions but it also serves as reminder of all sacrifices made by those brave individuals who put everything on line when defending our country against enemies abroad during times of war!

Ready to custom your own coins?


At Super Challenge Coins, we are proud to be the premier challenge coins manufacturer. We specialize in custom-made coins that capture your story and honor your achievements.

Whether it’s for a wedding, military service, or another special occasion, our experienced designers can create beautiful designs tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

From unique symbols to text engravings, we use only high-quality materials so you can enjoy your keepsake for years to come!

Show off your pride and honor with Super Challenge Coins – the perfect way to commemorate any event or milestone!

The good news is that making the custom challenge coins doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds, even if you’re not the most creative person.

Our group of artists is professional at making ideas and designs come to life. You dream it, and we make it. It’s that simple.

Super Challenge Coins lets you create your coins.

design your challenge coin

It can be both fun and stressful to tell someone about your ideas for a custom design.

When the product is as important to you as challenge coins are to the people who order and receive them, it’s important to make sure the company that makes your ideas come to life can handle the responsibility.

Because of this, we’ve boiled down the process of making a challenge coin into three easy steps.

Step 1: Get a free quote and design for your coin.

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Initiating the process of acquiring military challenge coins is uncomplicated. The first step involves making a simple request. When you reach out to us for a quote and artwork, rest assured that both of these services come to you entirely free of charge.

It’s important to note that certain companies may furnish a quote but then impose a fee for generating artwork for your challenge coin. However, Super Challenge Coins takes a different approach, as we do not levy any fees for quotes or artwork revisions, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective experience for our valued clients.

Requesting a quote is as simple as possible.

In addition to our quote request form, which lets you attach images and choose some of your favorite coin options, we also have a free coin template that you can download, sketch your coin design ideas on, or add them digitally to and send back to us.

The challenge coin design template is useful, but you don’t have to use it to start an order.

Step 2: Unlimited, free changes to the design of the challenge coin

design challenge coin

When asked for, artwork proofs are sent out within 48 hours. Once you have your proof and free quote, you can change the design of your coin as many times as you want. All changes are done at no extra cost.

A company that makes challenge coins and doesn’t charge for the first quote or proof almost always charges for changes. But it is very rare that the first proof a customer gets is exactly what he or she wants.

Some customers don’t see a better option for their set of custom coins until they see a full professional mold of their challenge coin design. We don’t think you should be punished with Super Challenge Coins if you change your mind.

You won’t have to pay a dime for any step of the process, even if you decide to make 100 changes to your coin design all at once or a few changes spread out over multiple proofs. Though our artists will be grateful if you make all of the changes at once.

Step 3: Putting in an order for your custom challenge coins

order your coin

When the design of your challenge coin is just right, put in your order. We’ll send you a new quote every time we change the artwork.

Our quotes and orders don’t have any hidden fees, so you’ll always know how much you have to pay when it’s time to place your order.

When we get your payment, we send your coin order right away to our production team. Our turnaround time of 14 days or less is the fastest in the business without sacrificing quality.

Other companies give you options to get your coins faster, but they can only do that because they sacrifice quality for speed.

With Super Challenge Coins you can be sure to get the best quality coins in the shortest amount of time.

With all of this, plus our 100% quality guarantee and free shipping, you can be sure that your coins will arrive quickly and safely.

If you get your coins and find mistakes in the way they were made, just let us know and we’ll send you new ones for free.

Super Challenge Coins is the best free online coin designer because it has all of these features.

Making a Challenge Coin With the Best

design your onw challenge coins

Challenge coins made with the help of our Super Challenge Coins team go through a strict quality assurance process.

This makes them the best custom coins you can find anywhere! Also, it’s quick and easy to place an order with us.

Contact us today if you’re ready to make your own coin, and we’ll start right away on your first free proof and quote. You could be well on your way to the easiest way to order custom coins on the market in as little as 48 hours.

We have a challenge coin design template for anyone who wants to sketch out their ideas and make notes about their artwork, but it’s not necessary.

But if an artist on the team wants to draw something, it’s a great tool.

The Super Challenge Coins Difference:

  1. Free Artwork from our Professional Designers
  2. Free Unlimited Revisions & Adjustments
  3. Free Shipping
  4. 100% Professional Customer Service
  5. 100% Guarantee of Quality and Workmanship
  6. 10 Years of Experience
  7. Toll-Free: +86 180 2833 1245
  8. E-Mail:

Ready To Custom coins?

When you’re prepared to place an order for your challenge coin, you can conveniently do so using the user-friendly Order Form available on our website. To get a glimpse of our past work and for additional inspiration, we invite you to explore our challenge coin gallery.

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