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About Border Patrol Challenge Coins

GL11-003 Border Patrol Challenge Coin CBP BPA

Border Patrol Challenge Coins

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

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In recognition of their efforts, many of the 60,000 employees of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) receive custom challenge coins from their officers reminding them of their duty in facilitating trade, enforcing regulations, and monitoring travel into the U.S.

According to the CBP website, every day, the officers of the CBP work to safeguard U.S. borders and enforce U.S. border laws and regulations.

Uniformed Border Patrol Officers cooperate alongside forensic scientists, international trade specialists, public affairs officers, and groups of other specialists to vet international trade in and out of the country.

Government challenge coins are gifted to CBP officers and employees to recognize their efforts and to reward them for exceptional service.

These special coins usually have the words and symbols of the CBP organization on them. They are given to people to show them the rules of their job in CBP.

At Super Challenge Coins, we’ve been making good custom coins for the military and police for more than 15 years. We’re known for our high-quality work and fast service. Whether you already have a design in mind or don’t know where to begin, our team of expert graphic designers will help you create the perfect design. We are your trusted challenge coin maker, and you can see examples of our work in our challenge coin gallery.

What is the meaning of Border Patrol Challenge Coins?

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One of the oldest military traditions in the U.S. is giving a challenge coin to a new recruit.

This tradition has since spread to law enforcement as a way to boost morale among agents and officers.

A CBP department orders some challenge coins that will be given to every member of a local organization as a sign of membership.

Other border protection challenge coins are ordered by high-ranking officers or officials as a personal symbol to be given to individual employees or officers as a physical sign of their respect and regard.

Each CBP office that has a local headquarters for personnel or a separate organization can have its own challenge coin.

Some examples are:

CBP Officers – CBP Officers are the most important part of the CBP. They are part of the Office of Field Operations (OFO), and each of their regional headquarters may have a unique challenge coin.

Agricultural Specialists – Agricultural specialists are stationed along the border and at ports of entry to check international goods for pests and possible bioterrorism.

As part of the enforcement team, these specialists can earn challenge coins by stopping biological threats and doing other important jobs. Agricultural Specialists enforce rules from the CDC, FDA, and FWS as active members of the enforcement team.

United States Border Patrol (USBP) – This is a trained, uniformed group of law enforcement officers whose job it is to patrol the border and stop terrorists, illegal weapons, and undocumented immigrants from getting into the U.S. To do this, the USBP uses high-tech tools and training.

Border Patrol Academy – After successfully completing the 19-week training course, Border Patrol Agents can get custom academy challenge coins from their instructors.

Border Patrol Chief – The top leaders of the CBP, like the Chief and Deputy Chief of the Border Patrol, can also order special coins to give to agents they think deserve their respect.

Air and Marine Office (AMO) – Members of AMO, which is the largest civilian aviation and maritime law enforcement organization in the world, are given custom challenge coins that are different from those given to CBP Patrol Officers and Patrol Agents.

Making a challenge coin for the Border Patrol

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Our team of professional artists and graphic designers has come up with an easy and effective way to design and make custom challenge coins for Border Patrol agents, officers, headquarters, and other places.

When a client fills out our order form, we immediately get to work writing a proof and figuring out an initial quote based on the needs of the project, which we then send back to the client within 24–48 hours.

There’s no problem if there’s something on the first proof that you want to change or fix. The challenge coin maker Super Challenge Coins gives all of our clients free, unlimited revisions, and you can ask for changes to our latest draft as many times as you want before approving the exact design you want to go into production.

Once we get the final go-ahead to make a design, we start making it right away and have it on your doorstep in 14 days.

Customizing Border Patrol Challenge Coins

GL11-003 Border Patrol Agent Canine Enforcement K9 Thin Green Line Challenge Coin CBP BPA

Border Patrol Challenge Coins Can Be Made Unique

Super Challenge Coins has options for customizing every part of a challenge coin so that each client’s order is unique and stands out for their specific department or unit.

We know that Border Patrol Agents often have their own mascots, cultures, and symbols that are important to their own units because they are stationed in different parts of the United States.

Our reps work with each client one-on-one to find the best way to show off an organization.

We can use any idea or concept, whether it’s a fully drawn design, a sketch on a napkin, or a written description.

Each order of challenge coins comes with a variety of ways to personalize almost every part of the coin,

such as:

Size and shape: The size of our coins can range from 1″ to 3″. For the best balance between price and detail, we suggest getting a coin that is at least 1.75 inches in diameter.

Color: You can leave the coin as it is or have it painted with up to seven colors from the full Pantone color spectrum on each side.

Coin Edge: Each coin’s edge can be decorated in six different ways, giving each order a unique look and feel.

Plating: Have your coin plated in antique gold, silver, or copper to bring out details, or choose to double plate a coin in two different metals to create and bring out key details.

3D Coins: You can order a 3D coin so that parts of a design, like an emblem, slogan, or illustration, literally pop off the surface of the coin.
Offset Print: When you use offset printing, a picture or photo on the surface of your coin looks just like the original.

Silk Screen: You can silk screen the colors of your design onto the coin so that the coin’s surface stays smooth.

Epoxy Dome: An epoxy dome can give one or both sides of a coin a smooth, glassy finish.

Coin Cut Outs: Parts of the inside of a challenge coin can be customized and “cut out” to make special symbols or to draw attention to certain details.

Sequential numbering: Each coin in order can have a sequential number added to either side to make it unique to the person who gets it.

Glow in the Dark: We can make challenge coins that stand out both during the day and at night by using special materials that make them glow in the dark.

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