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2022 Unique Designs for Custom Challenge Coins to Help You Get Ideas


Military challenge coins have a rich history and several designs. Create one if you’re in the military or intend to be.

Challenge coins recognize all military personnel. Why not celebrate your coworkers? However, challenge coin design may be difficult. Beginning?

We found six custom-designed coins for inspiration. Look. Get personalized challenge coin ideas.

1. Silent Cobra

With its intense gaze and formidable presence, it’s impossible for this coin not to captivate your focus. What makes this design truly remarkable is its understated eloquence. The coin speaks through the image of the snake, leaving room for interpretation. Cobras bear significant symbolism, but what’s the story behind this particular coin? Why was it created and presented? The mystery and intrigue surrounding this Challenge Coin Maker‘s creation add to its allure.

This coin is great for discussion. On the reverse, explain why it was given. This lets you honor the event or organization while maintaining a text-free aesthetic.

2. Anchors Aweigh


Military challenge coins come in several forms. The snake design didn’t use round shapes.

Another beautiful anchor design had a chain dangling down. This Navy reference will please sailors. This exquisite design paid homage to seafaring.

Is there a form that fits your commemoration? Try incorporating it into your design.

3. Vehicle Inspiration


Your challenge coin doesn’t have to be spherical to be relevant. Try a different shape—it might be very distinctive.

Why not design your challenge coin like a vehicle your organization uses? Air Force pilots may like a plane-shaped coin. Navy personnel should get ship-shaped coins.

You may still reference the military branch by incorporating part of the vehicle in your design. Coins with wings or anchors indicate their branches.

Customize your challenge coin with phrases, memories, colors, and more. If a vehicle form isn’t unusual enough, make your own!

4. Spinner Design

If you want your design to be interactive, look at how a coin spins inside itself for ideas. This design for a coin has a rectangular frame with a spinning part in the middle. The spinning part is connected to the frame by an axis. You could put anything you want in the spinning part. It could be the number of a regiment or the year and name of a certain battle.

If the information you want is too big to fit in the small centerpiece, that’s fine. You still have the space in the frame to write words and dates.

5. Event Tickets

If your coin will be a reminder of an event, like a Marine ball, look at ticket-style challenge coins for ideas. These coins look just like tickets to an old movie or a ride on a Ferris wheel. Just like the designs we’ve seen, you can put a big “admit one” on one side. On the other side of your coin, you can write what you want to remember.

We’d suggest adding details about the event itself so that you can remember what you were “allowed” to do when you got the coin. You can also add information about troops or branches. Symbols or insignias would also look great.

To add to the feeling of being in a movie theater, you could make your text flow like the end credits of a movie.

6. Plain and Simple

One of the most interesting coins we saw wasn’t even the shiniest. In fact, it was very easy to see. It only showed the shape of a helmet in silver.

With something so simple, your coin will really stand out. Other designs often use color, aggression, or other flashy elements, but this one seemed almost serious.

This coin was shaped like a Spartan helmet, but there are many other kinds of helmets to choose from. Why not wear a hat with a traditional shape that shows off your military branch?

Even though this design is simple and quiet, it lets people know what branch it stands for and gives them time to think about what it means. If you want a pin to make people think, choose something simple that reminds the wearer and anyone else who sees it why it was made.

You can get more ideas for your next custom challenge coin design by looking at other custom and unique challenge coin designs.

Make your own design for a challenge coin

The versatility of challenge coins allows for their utilization in various ways. They are available in a wide array of sizes, styles, colors, and metal compositions. When it comes to crafting your own unique design, the possibilities are virtually limitless. To gain inspiration and explore different options, don’t forget to visit our challenge coin gallery.

Each of these six coins gives you a different idea to get your mind going. Think about them when making your own design for a challenge coin and see what you come up with.

We are experts at making one-of-a-kind challenge coins. We’d be happy to help you make your own custom challenge coins if you’d like. Find out more about our military challenge coins by clicking here.

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