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2022 The Most Rare Military Challenge Coins Given

USA CIA Challenge Coin We are The Nation's First Line of Defense Silent Warriors

Curious to Witness a Collection of the Rarest Military Challenge Coins Ever Awarded?

USA CIA Challenge Coin

The narratives surrounding military challenge coins hold a captivating allure. Historically, within bars and social gatherings, service members engaged in coin games, proudly displaying their ranks and orders through these tokens. Today, rare military challenge coins continue to serve as a means of connecting veterans and active-duty personnel.

Moreover, these challenge coins play a significant role in the social lives of military personnel post-service. High-ranking officers often bestow them upon individuals embarking on specific missions. Additionally, officers exchange medallions to commemorate events unrelated to military service. If you’re looking for exceptional challenge coins, consider consulting a skilled Challenge Coin Maker.

How Military Challenge Coins Came to Be

The origin of custom challenge coins dates back to World War 1. During this historic period, a United States prisoner of war managed to escape from German captivity and sought refuge with the French military. Facing the threat of execution, as the French initially suspected him to be a German spy, the American pilot presented a coin crafted from pressed bronze. The intricate engravings on the coin convinced the French soldiers of his true identity, ultimately sparing his life.

Even today, active and former military members engage in the tradition of tossing custom challenge coins in drinking bars, reflecting the enduring camaraderie among them.

Challenge coins in the military have a lot of interesting facts

CIA Grim Reaper Challenge Coin

Collectible Treasures: Military challenge coins have gained popularity as coveted collector’s items. Whether you’re seeking rare gold coins or more affordable brass and zinc options, you can find them at military supply stores or flea markets. Exceptionally rare and valuable coins can command premium prices among collectors.

Unlocking Military History: Military challenge coins serve as fascinating windows into the annals of military history. These coins have played pivotal roles in the past, such as when a soldier allied with the American military used a coin as a means of identification, potentially saving his life. In times of war, military challenge coins prove their practical utility.

Versatile Tokens: Military challenge coins present countless opportunities for presentation. They can be used for identification, as props in drinking games, and as morale-boosting tools. These coins even serve as recruitment aids for the military.

Presidential Connection: It’s worth noting that most U.S. presidents possess unique military challenge coins, adding to the prestige of these collectibles.

Unique Symbols and Mottos: Each military challenge coin showcases distinctive unit symbols and designs, often accompanied by different mottos. These unique features help distinguish various military groups.

Military challenge coins serve multiple purposes:

In Memoriam: Many individuals hold these coins as poignant reminders of lost battleships or fallen servicemen, preserving the memory of their sacrifices.

Fostering Camaraderie: These coins foster a deep sense of comradeship and solidarity among military personnel and veterans.

Inspiration and Morale Boosting: Challenge coins serve as sources of inspiration and morale-boosting tokens during special occasions and military gatherings.

Discover the finest-designed military challenge coins among these diverse options.

1. US Army Diver Coin, a rare military challenge coin


Challenge coin for army divers

The army diver coin is shaped in a beautiful way. The different diver badges on the coin let people know who owns it.

2. The 13th of Friday


Navy Chief Petty Officers employ this unique token to commemorate their induction into the esteemed Chief Petty Officer Mess. Their acceptance into this revered group occurred on a particularly memorable day, Friday the 13th, which led to the coin being aptly named.

3. Aggressive POW-MIA

The flag of the National League of POW/MIA and barbed wire are shown on the coin. The flag shows that prisoners of war have a right to live. The crossed rifles are a sign from the prisoners that they want to go home.

4. Military Medal of Honor Challenge Coin

The coin boasts a simple yet distinctive design that makes it readily recognizable. It serves as a clear indicator that the coin-bearer has crossed paths with one of the esteemed service members.

5. A poker chip

The military coins are instantly recognizable, and they are not heavy. On the edge of the coin is a space where you can write a phrase. In the Marine Corps School of Infantry, the poker chip coin is often used.

6. Navy Master Chief Petty Officer

This remarkable coin features an intricate cut with an elegant trailing gold chain. It is bestowed by Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Rick West.

7. Trample the Weak

The Marine Corps and the Army are less aggressive than the Airborne infantry unit. The coin represents the job of an infantry soldier and the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

8. South Park

The style is typical. The challenge coin for the military is funny. It lets the person who has it talk proudly about what they did in the military.

You can tailor it to your desired location.

9. A coin to honor submariners

This coin serves as a repository of hull numbers for ships lost in service. The Silent Service stands as the vigilant guardian of global waters around the clock, 24/7.

10. A stamp from the past

The design on the metal plate is one that most iconic units have. The Classic Stamp was sent by the president-flying HMX-1 marine helicopter squadron.

Other military challenge coins that are rare

Active military service members and veterans have access to a wide array of rare challenge coins, and there’s even a thriving market for custom challenge coins catering to government officials and civilians. Among the most remarkable challenge coins are the presidential challenge coins, which have become a tradition since Bill Clinton’s presidency. These custom coins are bestowed discreetly and with great honor to military personnel, wounded soldiers, and their families.

In recent years, the significance of challenge coins has transcended military ranks and missions. They have found their place as tokens of respect and hospitality, with guests visiting the White House and foreign dignitaries receiving specially minted coins as symbols of goodwill.

The Executive Branch has also commissioned rare challenge coins for notable figures like Joe Biden and Dick Cheney, while more typical coins are available for key government positions such as the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, military challenge coins now feature intricate and vibrant designs that captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Explore these remarkable challenge coins and more in our challenge coin gallery, including unique options like Tickets for sailors and the Clear Challenge Coin.

Final Word

Rare military challenge coins symbolize a profound connection to one’s service. These coins not only serve as personal identifiers but also as powerful tokens of camaraderie. Among unit members, the exchange, gifting, and collection of military challenge coins is a cherished tradition.

The artisans behind the crafting of these challenge coins often hail from military backgrounds themselves. Their intimate understanding of military jargon and the Armed Forces’ culture makes them adept at creating custom challenge coins tailored to unique specifications.

For additional insights and valuable information, we invite you to explore the other informative sections of our blog.

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