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New York City Police Department NYPD G-P Challenge coin

Respect, courtesy, and professionalism. Most NYPD patrol cars have these words written on the sides.

This is what makes the NYPD different from other police departments in the country.

As the largest city police force in the United States, the NYPD faces unique problems.

The only way the NYPD has been able to handle these unique problems so well is by being polite, professional, and kind. Police challenge coins should be as unique as the people who work in this branch of law enforcement.

We make it easy to make your own challenge coins. But we’d rather have other customers tell you about it.

The 10th Precinct Detective Squad in Chelsea, Manhattan, got these coins made just for them.

We love making custom designs like this because it gives our clients the chance to make the designs special and relevant to their department.

This coin has a few features that are common to police challenge coins, like an emblem or seal from the department and the name of the squad engraved around the edge.

But there are also personal touches, like the skyline of New York City at night and the green-and-white-striped American flag flown by the NYPD. Small things like this give a coin character and make it even more special to the people who get it.

NYPD Challenge Coins images

Our art and sales teams work closely with every client to make sure we can capture the spirit of an organization like the NYPD and make meaningful designs that do justice to the people who serve the city.

Why should you buy NYPD Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are a great way to bring people in a department or squad together and make them feel like a team.

We make custom designs, like these coins we made for the Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, to celebrate promotions and retirements, welcome newly sworn officers to the team, raise money, and honor the service of outstanding officers.

Custom coins become a sign that everyone in a department has the same knowledge and experience. Their value comes from their ability to help a team build inclusion, trust, and a sense of shared identity.

NYPD Challenge Coins images-1

We made these coins with extra care to remember the 9-11 attacks. Like many other NYPD challenge coins, the person in charge of this one wanted to put the American flag and the department’s green-striped flag on it.

These coins are a great example of how a design can capture the spirit of a small part of the NYPD while still having a strong link to the whole department.

With more than 55,000 men and women in the NYPD, challenge coins are a great way to bring officers together and make them feel like they belong.

Challenge coins are a military tradition that has been used for a long time to mark important moments in a career and thank first responders for their hard work.

Keeping a city safe and in order is hard work and the men and women who do it go above and beyond every shift. When their captains and other supervisors notice them, it does a lot to keep their morale up.

Putting your own spin on it

design challenge coin

When you work with us, you’re sure to get something that no one else has. For our coins, we don’t use stock designs or artwork.

Once you send us your ideas and inspirations, our art team gets to work making a unique design that will reflect your team’s history and personality.

Some popular choices for police challenge coins include 3D artwork, which gives the coins a sense of depth, and high polish plating, which makes the coins shine.

There are also options for custom shapes and shapes with different edges and colors. There are no limits to what can be made.

Even coins that have the same design and construction options in more than one way end up having their own personalities.

Take a look at these coins we made for the Boston Police Department and the New York Police Department as an example.

Both designs have the department’s police badge, a high polish gold plating, a 3D design, and even a green color fill. On paper, they sound the same, but they each tell a different story.

NYPD Challenge Coins images-2

This Boston Police Department coin is a classic challenge coin in the style of a medallion.

It has a beautiful 3D image of the city’s famous Paul Revere statue. The custom spur edge really makes the design stand out and makes the coin look great.

The NYPD Computer Crime Squad coin is made to look like the detective badge that is used by the department.

On the back of this coin, the circuitry is drawn in 3D, so it looks and feels real when you run your fingers along the gold lines of resistors, transistors, and capacitors. When you hold a coin like this, you can really see what is possible in design.

NYPD Challenge Coins images-3

Even though these two coins share some design ideas and inspirations, they are both unique and full of personality.

We don’t have favorites, so we’ll let you decide which one uses them better. We can say that working on projects like the NYPD Computer Crimes Squad coin is always fun and challenging.

Piece by piece, the intricate circuitry, custom edges, color fills, and plating were carefully made until the art was just right. Give us a call if you want to make a coin like this or learn more about our custom design options. We’d love to help!

More well-known law enforcement challenge coins

As the largest police force in the country, the NYPD has many specialized units that can use challenge coins. Follow one of the links below to see more examples or learn more about these types of coins.

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Get your free artwork for challenge coins today.

Over the past 5 years, the challenge coin maker Super Challenge Coins has been lucky enough to make custom challenge coins for police departments.

In that time, we’ve learned a lot about the lives, challenges, and rewards of the great first responders in our country.

We offer top-notch customer service, high-quality final products, and a 100% quality guarantee because we respect and appreciate our men and women in blue.

If the people in your unit don’t already have their own New York Police Department Challenge Coins, contact us right away so we can get to work and get your custom coins to you in 14 days or less. As soon as you send us your ideas, our art team will make a free proof for you to look over within 24 to 48 hours.



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