2022 The Most Rare Military Challenge Coins Given

Bullet Points

Want to see some of the rarest military challenge coins that have ever been given out? In this guide, we’ll show you.

USA CIA Challenge Coin

The stories behind military challenge coins are interesting. In bars, service members played games with challenge coins to show off their ranks and orders. Rare military challenge coins are now used to connect veterans and people who are still in the military.

The challenge coins are also a big part of their social lives after they leave the service. High-ranking officers give them to the people who are going on a certain mission. Officers also give each other medallions to mark events that have nothing to do with the military.

How Military Challenge Coins Came to Be

The first piece of money was made during World War 1. A prisoner of war from the United States got away from the Germans and into the hands of the French military. The French were going to kill him because they thought he was a German.

He showed them a coin made of pressed bronze. The French saw the engravings and saved the life of the American pilot. Active and former members of the military still throw coins at each other in drinking bars.

In Vietnam, American soldiers would bring real bullets to places called “bullet clubs.” The practice spread to the other people in their unit. They would try to get free rounds by slamming ammunition on the bar table.

Challenge coins in the military have a lot of interesting facts.

CIA Grim Reaper Challenge Coin

• The coins are things that people collect. In a military supply store or flea market, you can find both rare gold coins and cheap brass and zinc coins. Collectors can get more money for rare and expensive coins.

• The history of military events can be found on military challenge coins. A soldier who was working with the American military once gave a medal to show who he was. If he hadn’t done that, he would have been killed by a friend of his country. In times of war, military challenge coins are useful tools.

• You always have chances to show off your coin. Some of these are for identifying people, for drinking games, and to boost morale.

• Coins are used to get people to join the military.

• Most presidents have a unique military challenge coin

Each military challenge coin has symbols and designs that are unique to that unit. They also have different sayings on them. The militant groups can be told apart by their differences.

Challenge coins can be used in many ways.

• They help people remember. People keep coins to remember battleships or soldiers who were lost.

• They make people feel closer to each other and more united.

• They motivate and lift spirits.

• They are used to encourage people on special occasions.

Here are the military challenge coins with the best designs:


1. US Army Diver Coin, a rare military challenge coin


Challenge coin for army divers

The army diver coin is shaped in a beautiful way. The different diver badges on the coin let people know who owns it. For the US Army Diver coin, you have to do even more important diving things.

2. The 13th of Friday


Navy Chief Petty Officers use it to remember when they were accepted into the chief petty officer mess hall. The men were taken on Friday the 13th, which is how the coin got its name.

3. Aggressive POW-MIA

The flag of the National League of POW/MIA and barbed wire are shown on the coin. The flag shows that prisoners of war have a right to live. The crossed rifles are a sign from the prisoners that they want to go home.

4. Military Medal of Honor Challenge Coin

The design on the coin is simple. The coin is easy to recognize. People can tell that the person holding the coin has met one of the honorees.

5. A poker chip

The military coins are instantly recognizable, and they are not heavy. On the edge of the coin is a space where you can write a phrase. In the Marine Corps School of Infantry, the poker chip coin is often used.

6. Navy Master Chief Petty Officer

The coin has a beautiful cut and a gold chain that hangs down from it. The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, Rick West, gives the coin.

7. Walk all over the weak

The Marine Corps and the Army are less aggressive than the Airborne infantry unit. The coin represents the job of an infantry soldier and the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

8.South Park

The style is typical. The challenge coin for the military is funny. It lets the person who has it talk proudly about what they did in the military.

You can change it to your preferred location to make it your own.

9. A coin to honor submariners

The hull numbers of ships that were lost are written on the coin. The Silent Service watches over all of the world’s seas around the clock.

10. A stamp from the past

The design on the metal plate is one that most iconic units have. The Classic Stamp was sent by the president-flying HMX-1 marine helicopter squadron.

Other military challenge coins that are rare

Veterans and people who are still in the military can look for rare challenge coins. Challenge coins can also be made to order for government officials and regular people. Presidential challenge coins are the most unusual challenge coins ever made.

Since Bill Clinton, presidents have given special coins to members of the military, soldiers who were hurt in battle, and their families. The challenge coins are passed on in a quiet and honorable way.

Challenge coins are no longer just about ranks and missions. Foreign dignitaries and guests at the White House are given coins as a sign of respect and hospitality.

Rare challenge coins were made for Joe Biden and Dick Cheney by the Executive Branch. There are also coins for the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense that look like other coins. Modern ways of making things make it possible for military challenge coins to be detailed and colorful.

Among the other coins are the Clear Challenge Coin and the Tickets for Sailors Coin.

Last Word

Rare military challenge coins show a strong connection to the military. The people who carry the coins use them to show who they are and that they are brothers. The people in a unit trade, give, and collect military challenge coins with each other.

Most of the time, the artists who make challenge coins have served in the military. They know how the Armed Forces work and what it means to be a soldier. So, it’s easy for them to make custom challenge coins for people who ask for them.

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