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1. 3rd Dental Battalion challenge coin draft
Step 1
Send Your Ideas

Submitting your idea is the first step in creating your very own challenge coin. We accept drawings, pictures, or logos in AI, EPS, or PDF formats. Get your custom challenge coin maker started today!

AI artwork 3rd Dental Battalion challenge coin draft
Step 2
Finished Artwork

At our challenge coin maker, we take pride in creating the best custom coins possible. Once you give us your design concept, we‘ll create a proof and work with you until you‘re fully satisfied.


3D Dental Battalion Mold
Step 3
Coin Mold

Our challenge coin maker team create a unique design, then send it to our custom challenge coin manufacturing line where a custom coin mold is machined. The highest quality product is delivered within 14 working days.

4. Finished3rd Dental Battalion challenge coin
Step 4
Product Delivered

Once our challenge coin maker has finished and qualitychecked your custom challenge coins, they are packaged and shipped with FREE Shipping worldwide. We understand waiting for bespoke challenge coins is no fun, so we make sure they get to you quickly!

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So, what is a challenge coin? Used for & means?

In the US military, challenge coins have a lengthy history.
Although the history of challenge coins may be more mythology than reality, these commemorative mementos are now gaining a new life and narrative that will carry them into the future for years to come.

What are challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are often metal medallions or coins featuring an organization’s symbol, badge, or logo, carried by the organization’s members. 

Historically, challenge coins were used by the military and presented by service members to verify exclusive membership when questioned and to boost the spirit of their respective military groups.

Historically, challenge coins were presented by military unit commanders in acknowledgment of a member’s exceptional accomplishment. 

It is also known that they are swapped and exchanged during trips to foreign organizations, bases, and service tours. For years, current and former military troops and police enforcement professionals have avidly collected these coins.

Modern challenge coins are produced in a range of sizes and often include allusions to popular culture, such as superheroes and parodies of well-known figures. 

Many businesses use them to boost employee morale, connect individuals with similar interests, and even promote their brand. 

Contemporary challenge coin designs push the limits of what a challenge coin may signify or be used for. Undoubtedly, customized coins improve the feeling of connection between those who give and receive them.

Amazing details, complicated designs, moving elements, and other bespoke features may be included into the design of any challenge coin. Challenge coins are composed of a variety of metals. Most are constructed of brass or zinc, but they may also include 24-karat gold and other precious metals.

So, you don’t have to spend too much time searching for the custom gold coin maker. Our challenge coin maker can create challenge coins for you in any material and with unexpected designs. Don’t wait, to get free quote and provide your ideas or artwork.


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What Are Challenge Coins Represent?

Challenge coins stand for accomplishment and fellowship. Members in units, teams, companies, and corporations all put forth a lot of effort to reach milestones and objectives as a group. 

They are often used to mark a significant accomplishment, an anniversary, or a noteworthy occasion. People who donate and receive company challenge coins form strong, enduring ties.


custom military challenge coins display

Challenge coins are becoming more popular among businesses as a way to recognize success across all of their divisions. 

Companies are finding creative methods to give their personnel challenge coins, whether to recognize a sales target, outstanding customer service, or years of service. Using challenge coins as business cards, some companies are promoting their brands while others use them to boost team morale and connect individuals with shared interests. 

By honoring one other’s accomplishments, many veteran-owned companies are introducing the challenge coin custom to their staff members and coworkers.


Traditional challenge coins come in a variety of designs that stand for several military branches, particular units, unique teams, and even specific missions. 

Additionally, military commanders may order their own coinage. The President of the United States, several senior generals, and executives of government organizations all have unique challenge coins.

Custom military coins are produced in a wide range of sizes and forms and are used by all branches of the armed forces. 

Our staff at Super ChallengeCoins has worked with troops stationed all around the globe as the greatest challenge coin manufacturer in the nation. So you haven’t spend too much time communicating and finding other manufacturers like navy coin maker, 3d coin maker. We are online 24 hours a day, so please provide your artwork and ideas quickly.

We have you covered whether you are a Marine detachment member at the American Embassy in Hanoi, a commanding officer at Fort Bragg, or anybody else in between.

During their tenure in the military, service men are known to amass sizable collections of challenge coins. They proudly and with a feeling of belonging flaunt them.

military challenge coins display
First Responders Challenge Coins

Like the military, first responders use challenge coins to honor service. Law enforcement agencies and firefighters use challenge coins to honor special accomplishments in the line of duty. 

Government agencies and politicians are using challenge coins to recognize first responders in their communities. This creates a sense of honor and unity during a time of tragedy and loss.


The function of a challenge coin relies on the reason for its creation. It may be used for membership, acknowledgment, creating a relationship amongst group members, or commemorating an anniversary or special occasion.



Challenge coins are used in the military to demonstrate membership in a certain unit or service on a particular tour of duty. They imply that you are a part of an exclusive club. 

They served as security in the early days of the military. It’s possible that a military member was asked to provide the coin as proof of their allegiance. Even though it may not be critical right now, the military nonetheless values teamwork.


Prizes and Appreciation

Team members that excel in their jobs are recognized with challenge coins. 

Giving a coin as a prize for exceptional work fosters pride and morale. Team members strive to get them since doing so is a huge honor.

challenge coin tradition
Establishes Connections And Bonds

Even after they leave the military, military personnel continue to stay tied to one another via the custom of the challenge coin. 

Veterans typically exhibit coins from the organizations, missions, and leaders they have encountered. First responders are rewarded with coins for their valiant actions in tragic situations.

Challenge coins commemorate experiences that team members of an organization had and create a lifelong relationship.


Challenge coins have become a popular way for institutions, companies, and organizations to showcase their brand. As a result, the demand for custom challenge coins from a challenge coin maker has increased. 

Companies, educational institutions, and athletic groups are now utilizing challenge coins to make their brand stand out at trade exhibitions, conferences, sales events and even community activities. 

A challenge coin from a challenge coin maker can be a much more memorable alternative to a business card.

challenge-coins-military display
Frequently Asked Questions

A1. For all your challenge coin needs, we are the leading challenge coin maker, offering a twoyear mold stock guarantee with no additional mold fee should you require more challenge coins.

A2: The weight of your challenge coin will depend on the size and design of the coin. Roughly speaking, 1.5” coins are about 1-1.1oz., 1.75” are about 1.5-1.65oz., and 2.0” are about 1.95-2.15oz.If you have specific questions about the weight of your challenge coin, your challenge coin maker can provide you with more details.

A3: Challenge coins can come in a variety of sizes and shapes but the most common coin size is 1.75”, followed by 2” and then 1.5”. If we have concerns about your selection our team will let you know the optimal size of your coin based on your design.If you’re looking for a challenge coin maker, look no further than our company. We specialize in custom challenge coins, no matter the size or shape. We guarantee the quality of our coins and ensure each is crafted to your exact specifications.


A4: Our challenge coin maker specializes in die struck coins made from brass, as well as custom shaped coins and designs with large cutout areas which are cast from a zinc alloy.

A5: The custom coin maker with no minimum allows you to create personalized coins without having to meet a minimum order requirement. You can design your own coins with logos, images or text, and order as few or as many as you need. It’s great for events, gifts, and promotions.

A6: Yes! We can offer rush production during certain times of the year for an extra charge. Our customer care team can answer any questions regarding rush options and availability.We are a challenge coin maker that specializes in providing highquality challenge coins for all occasions, so contact us today for more information.

A7: Once an order is sent to production the standard production and delivery turnaround time is 3 – 3.5 weeks. Our customer care team will advise you of specific timelines based on your custom order prior to order completion.



We have worked with thousands of clients and make the process EASY from start to finish, fast, and pain free.

  1. The 1st step is to submit your coin design ideas and details through our website here or by contacting our customer care team.
  2. We’ll provide you an initial estimate and coin design proof within 24 hours of your submission.
  3. If needed, we offer free revisions until we get the design exactly how you envisioned it.
  4. Lastly, once you approve your final proof and complete the final invoice payment we will send your project to production.


A9: We want you to be 100% happy with your pins. Errors are rare, but If you find errors in craftsmanship, quality, or your delivery simply let us know within 7 days and we’ll move heaven and earth to put things right for you.

A10: There are a variety of options you can choose when deciding to make your own custom challenge coin from a professional challenge coin maker. Options can vary depending on your coin design and can be as simple or as complex as your desire. Between coins sizes, plating type, and additional add-on options, the options are plentiful.

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